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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Time for a little.....Tea Mail from Piacha

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends - today we have some very exciting news for you from our lovely friends at Piacha. Recently the fab London tea shop launched their Tea Mail subscription service - yes, tea lovers out there...you can join Piacha Tea Mail and have tea delivered straight to your door!

Piacha tea ships in a big envelope that fits through your letter box and packs in tea for two for a week. Better still....Piacha don't charge extra for UK delivery, and only 50p per tea for delivery in the EU. 

Pia very kindly offered me the chance to try the subscription service for myself.....a real treat to be able to pick a tea out from the range! I easily set up my account via the Piacha website, picked my tea from the range and sat back and waited....

Piacha Tea Mail subscription 

What wonderful post to recieve - a big envelope full of tea!

I opted to try Genmaicha - a jade green tea, blended with a generous helping of roasted brown rice. The leaves look really pretty with all the brown rice mixed in....

Genmaicha from Piacha

To brew this tea you should use 1-2 teaspoons of tea per mug. Add water at 80°C and infuse for 2 minutes - enjoy without milk. The tea once brewed is a pretty pale yellow colour and it has a nutty aroma....

The brown rice gives the tea a wonderful nutty flavour too, a bit like popcorn! It's a refreshing and unique taste - perfect if you are looking for something a little bit different!

The subscription service that Piacha offers is so flexible - you can opt to have a delivery as often as you want. As well as being flexible and easy to manage, it is also easy to unsubscribe, suspend or cancel orders at any point. Better still - tea bought via a subscription gives you a 10% discount on the standard prices! 

Piacha Tea Mail

The exciting bit....

In addition to trying the tea subscription myself, Pia has offered Tea With Me and Friends readers a tea-riffic 50% discount of your first tea order when you subscribe to regular tea deliveries. From now until the 8th August just use the code TEAWITHME@PIACHA when you set up your subscription to receive the discount.

Only available with code TEAWITHME@PIACHA - for purchase of tea envelopes at piacha.co.uk. 
Valid until 8 August 2016. 
New subscribers only.
One per household. 
Max. order £50.

To see the whole Piacha range and find out more about the subscription service please pop by the Piacha website. We hope you enjoy the subscription service - we'd love to hear about the tea you enjoy!

A big thank you to Pia for letting us try out her fab Tea Mail subscription!

Thank you for popping by today,

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