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Friday, 13 April 2018

Time for.....a tea recipe with T2

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This week we've been experimenting with our cuppa thanks to a fab tea recipe card that I picked up in a T2 store. T2 like to share tea recipes, combining their teas with different foods and drinks. As well as the fab recipe cards in store, you can also find a whole host of easy to follow recipes on
their website - including tea-infused ice cream floats, earl grey cakes and matcha mayo!

The recipe card I picked up had three different recipes on which used a different T2 teas - Banoffee Pie, Jersey Caramel and NY Salted Caramel....great for someone like me with a sweet tooth! I opted to try the NY Salted Caramel recipe which features T2 New York Breakfast tea (a black tea blended with cinnamon and vanilla), along with salt, honey and milk.

This recipe is really quick to make and creates a really satisfying cuppa! All you need to do is brew the tea for approx. 4 minutes, then add the salt, honey and milk to taste.

I'm not going to lie - its a bit bizarre adding salt to a cup of tea, but you've just got to go with it. The recipe called for a pinch of salt, I probably didn't add quite a pinch - I'd definitely advise adding the salt and honey a little by little, tasting after each addition. I then added a splash of milk, which made the tea quite creamy and made it look almost like a hot chocolate!

I really enjoyed this tea - once I got the balance of salt and honey right it tasted lovely. It's hard to describe, but it almost felt like I was actually drinking/eating pudding - it would be perfect after a meal when I have a craving for something sweet. 

I'll definitely be trying some of the other recipes on the T2 website and keeping my eyes peeled for more recipe cards!

Have you tried any of the T2 recipes? We'd love to hear which is your favourite!

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Rachel & Lorna

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Fes-Tea-Val 2018 - Celebrating National Tea Day!

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends - we hope you're feeling tea-riffic today!

Here in the UK we are getting closer to the biggest par-tea of the year - the UK's only dedicated tea fes-tea-val takes place on the 21st and 22nd April at Chiswick House and Gardens. The fes-tea-val is to celebrate National Tea Day - a movement to get people drinker more tea! We believe there is nothing better than catching up with friends or family over a cuppa and so can't wait for this event dedicated to tea!

The event is divided into dedicated zones with themed activities and delicious food, drink and lifestyle delights in each.......and of course lots of tea samples to find your new favourite tea! The zones include, the Bou-tea-que, Tea ‘n’ Tipple Boulevard, The Tea Bazaars, Tea ‘n’ Treat Village, The Vitali-Tea Garden and the Picnic Park - just take a peek at the map.....

The event is open 10am-5pm on both days, with Tea & Tipple Boulevard open until 9pm so you can par-tea long into the night!

For more information and to buy tickets pop by the National Tea Day website

Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna