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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Afternoon tea news - ARTea Afternoon Tea from Lancaster London

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Today we are excited to share with you a brand new afternoon tea launching this week! Lancaster London has devised an Afternoon “ARTea” for those who know their Monet from their Picasso, launching on Thursday 14 July 2016. 

The innovative afternoon tea, from £35, will be served to guests in The Lounge, where the work of emerging and local artists grace Lancaster London’s walls in celebration of the hotel’s affinity with London’s thriving art scene.

The eclectic ARTea menu will be edible, as will the canvasses within the afternoon tea, while waiters will serve guests in whimsical painting aprons. Dishes will be delivered to tables in painters boxes, revealing a delectable take on painting essentials. Delicate delights on offer will include: Finger sandwiches, pastries and freshly baked scones, all of which will be served on painting slates alongside jam & clotted cream concealed in 30ml paint tubes.

Not only does it sound amazing ..... take a look at this.....

ARTea Afternoon Tea from Lancaster London

As someone who enjoys both afternoon tea and being creative....I can't wait to try this afternoon tea adventure!

The hotel’s current art exhibition displays distinctive scenic paintings by modernist Irish artist Norman Teeling’s. The ARTea experience, which is in collaboration with Pommery Champagne, will feature continuous reminders of his work, with menus printed alongside replicated paintings from the exhibition. Mini edible images of the art will also be printed onto the creative ARTea pastries. 

To create the unique ARTea, Lancaster London partnered with Pommery Champagne due to their constant involvement and support of art and culture – from sponsoring Frieze Art & Art 16, to hosting an all year exhibition in their cellar in Champagne, France.

The hotel also works closely with art curator Barbara Stanley, whose gallery showcases contemporary Irish artwork and sits across the street from the hotel.

Look out later this on the blog for more information about this new afternoon tea!

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This is such a great idea! And looks amazing too! x