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Friday, 22 July 2016

The Friday Review -Grey's Teas -Part 2

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends, we hope you're feeling tea-riffic today!

Last week we took at first look at Grey's Teas and the range they have on offer for tea lovers, today we're going to take a look at another selection of their teas.

First off let's take a look at "Good Afternoon" a Chinese and Indian tea blend......

This tea can be enjoyed with or without milk - as you'd expect, I enjoyed it without. Once brewed the tea is a pretty light amber colour - very welcoming....

The tea has a really light smokey aroma and flavour - not at all overpowering, but you can definitely pick up a slight smokey hint. Its a light and refreshing tea, which I thoroughly enjoyed with a piece of cake one afternoon!

Next lets take a look at Tian Mu Qing Ding a Chinese green tea.....

This is a green tea from China’s Zhejiang Province, which is grown high in the mists of the picturesque sub-tropical Tian Mu mountain. The tea is picked for only two weeks each spring.

To brew this tea, use one teaspoon per cup with freshly boiled water that has cooled to around 80 C. and infuse for three minutes......

This tea is a lovely pale golden colour when brewed, and has a light, smooth taste to it. Anyone who believes green tea is bitter should try this tea! There is even a hint of sweetness to the tea - again not overpowering in any way but definitely noticeable.

We hope you've enjoyed part two of our review of Grey's Teas - pop back next week to see the trio of Assam teas that we've sampled! Once again we'd like to thank Grey's Teas for sending us these teas to sample, but please remember that this has not effected our taste buds and all opinions expressed here are our own.

If you'd like to find out more about Grey's Teas please pop by their website.

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