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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Can you guess our Style Era?

Tea With Me and Friends
Hello there,

Welcome back to a slightly different post from Tea With Me and Friends....as today as well as a little tea and cakes we're also going to be talking a little bit about style.

We were recently shown this fab online tool from Glitzy Secrets which, with the click of a couple of buttons, helps you find your ideal look from bygone eras. Lorna and I love nothing better than throwing aside our usual clothes and "dressing up"...whether that be in fab vintage finds or reproduction clothes.....or even the odd cowboy hat here or there! So we loved the idea of this tool and was keen to take a peek.

Now anyone who pops by regularly will probably not be surprised by our result....in fact we weren't really surprised either...but it was fun to click through the images. Yes, we got....The Rockin 50s!

Lorna rocking her 50s wiggle dress

The era of full skirts, petticoats, narrow waits and the odd neckerchief...not to mention strong lipsticks and beautifully style hair....both Lorna and I adore this stylish era (and the music was awesome too!). In fact we love it so much that each year in November we head off to Rhythm Riot, a 1950s rhythm and blues weekend held in Camber, Sussex. It's a weekend where we can let our hair down (or rather curl it up) and wear our favourite 50s styles for a whole weekend.

Our 50s style is probably influenced rather a lot by the American fashions, but as well as all the full dresses and petticoats you'll also find the odd wiggle dress as well....

Our passion doesn't stop with the evening wear though, we are also partial to a pair of high waisted turns up for the daytime. Surprisingly comfy and roomy...if you haven't tried a pair of high-waisted turn ups we'd highly recommend it....we've already converted a couple of our friends!

Tea With Me and Friends

Now, this got me thinking a bit....we love the 1950s fashion...but how could this translate into our other passion....afternoon tea? 

Well, I've had a 1950s Birthday party previously and I think some of the food I made then would also make a wonderful 1950s themed afternoon tea. Obviously we'd need to start with some savouries....but I would move away from the traditional finger sandwiches in this case and try something a little more American....

1950s style afternoon tea savoury treats

Mini burgers and hotdogs can easily be bought in packs now from supermarkets, but they are also really easy to make yourself once you have found the mini rolls. They also look incredibly cute on the table and I think would work well in an afternoon tea. We have experienced mini hotdogs and burgers once before when we enjoyed the Sex & the City par-tea at Hyatt Regency The Churchill. 

For the cake part of your 1950s afternoon tea adventure you could try making some cola flavoured cupcakes.....

1950s inspired cola cupcakes

These cupcakes were flavoured using soda stream cola syrup and were topped with cola icing and of course some mini cola bottles. They turned out surprisingly well, with a delicate cola taste which wasn't overpowering or artificial in taste. These proved so popular that I have made them several times since.

Another sweet treat could include a peanut butter muffin....

Admittedly slightly bigger than our usual afternoon tea sweet treat, but just as scrummy! Made with peanut butter in both the sponge and the icing.

Or how about some salted caramel cake....

This was a plain sponge layered with vanilla icing and a salted caramel filling - perfect if you wanted to serve a coffee for your afternoon tea adventure!

Other things you could include in your spread would be pretzels and bottles of coke.....

A 1950s inspired tasty afternoon tea spread!

I think our love of the 1950s translates really well into an afternoon tea adventure which would make a fun afternoon with friends and family!

So, over to you....what do you think? Are there any other treats that we could add to our 1950s afternoon tea spread? 

We're submitting this blog post into a competition run by Glitzy Secrets, take a peek here to learn more and vote for us!

Thanks for popping by today,

Tea With Me and Friends

Rachel & Lorna

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Time for Tea...Fortnum and Manson

Hello there,

Welcome back to another fab guest post from Tea With Me and Friends. This week we are joined by my lovely colleague Jenna Osborne who mentioned to me last week that she had recently enjoyed afternoon tea in The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum and Mason in London.

I have wanted to try tea at Fortnum and Mason for a while now and was keen to find out more....

Afternoon tea
Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon - Fortnum and Mason

Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons is served in The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon which was opened by Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge On March 1st 2012.

The iconic china used to serve tea is their own which is decorated with an18th-century-inspired Chinoiserie design in eau de nil and gold, which I think looks just beautiful with the daffodil table flowers.....

Afternoon tea China - Fortnum and Mason

If you are unsure of what tea you want to try never fear as Fortnum and Masons have expert ‘Tearistas’ on hand to help you with your selection.

Once your teas have been picked, your afternoon tea stand is served and the adventure can begin.

Afternoon tea sandwiches include:

Cucumber with Cream Cheese
Coronation Chicken
Rare Roast Beef with Gherkin & Caper Dressing
Fortnum’s Smoked Salmon with Lemon Dill Butter
Rare Breed Hen Egg with Mustard Cressess

Afternoon tea stand
Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

I don't know about you, but those sandwiches look rather perfect to me and not a crust in sight!

Both plain and fruit scones are on the middle tier of the stand, they are presented to guests with Somerset clotted cream and a choice of Fortnum & Mason preserves from the following:

Apricot, Lemon Curd, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Blueberry

Jam and cream tower at Fortnum and Mason
I love the presentation of the cream and preserve, I also love the fact that you can pick which preserve you would prefer with your scones making it a more personalised experience.

Finally, you make it to that top tier....the beautiful cakes and pastries.....

Afternoon tea cakes and pastries
Fortnum and Mason

The variety of sweet treat on offer will vary depending on the day when you visit.

Jenna thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon tea adventure at Fortnum and Masons and commented on how plentiful the food was - they definitely didn't leave hungry!

Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason is priced depending on your tea choice:

Fortnum’s Classic Blend Tea £40.00 per person
Fortnum’s Single Estate Tea £44.00 per person

If you haven't got that much of a sweet tooth you might be interested in the savoury afternoon tea which includes finger sandwiches, savoury scones and delights such as Trout Mousse on Almond Shortbread and Tomato Madeleine, Black Olive Tapenade. Alternatively there is also an extensive High Tea menu on offer. For more details please visit the Fortnum and Mason website.

A big thank you to Jenna for sharing her afternoon tea adventure with us.....a little birdie told me that her and her husband really enjoy a spot of afternoon tea and therefore I hope they will be sharing more adventures with us in the future!

Jenna enjoying her Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea

So, over to you....have you ever enjoyed afternoon tea at The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon? If so we'd love to hear what you thought about it, please get in touch!

Thank you for popping by today,

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Friday Review - Dragonfly Tea - The Green Review!

Hello there,

Welcome back to a new Friday Review from Tea With Me and Friends....can you believe it's May already? Where is this year disappearing to so fast?

Today on the Friday Review we have a little green review for you. No, we've not suddenly become a political blog....we've been enjoying a couple of green teas from Dragonfly Teas!

If you saw last week's review, you'll know that we have already tried four of the Dragonfly tea....well this week we are adding another two varieties......

Green teas from Dragonfly teas

Instead of comparing two similar green teas we have decided to a minty green tea and a Jasmine green tea, as you would imagine from Dragonfly teas they have fab names: Moonlight Jasmine Organic Green Tea and Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea.

Dragonfly Tea

I decided to sample these teas in lovely Savoy teacups.....

Dragonfly teas

Let's start with the minty Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea, which was the slightly paler of the two teas....

Dragonfly Tea - Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea

This is a blend of aromatic spearmint leaves with a Gunpowder Green Tea, inspired by Morocco's tea-drinking traditions. This tea can be enjoyed throughout the day and also with meals.

I only brewed this tea for about a minute as I wasn't sure about the minty flavour. I found the minty flavour quite strong, but not at all overpowering or artificial. It also had a slight sweet taste to it, which I think comes from using spearmint leaves in the blend. It's a refreshing cup of cup with a sweet, minty aroma, which I enjoyed.

The next tea to tickle our taste buds was the Moonlight Jasmine Organic Green Tea.....

Dragonfly Tea - Moonlight Jasmine Organic Green Tea

This tea gains its name as Jasmine blossoms are picked during the night when they are open, the flowers are then laid on the green tea until the fragrance has been absorbed into the tea.

I brewed this tea for about two minutes to produce a lovely light green-yellow colour. This tea had a beautiful, delicate fragrance. The flavour was smooth and refreshing - a thoroughly enjoyable cuppa!

If you didn't see our last review on Dragonfly Teas you won't know that Dragonfly are a British family company, dedicated to sourcing wonderful teas from around the world. They have over 30 teas in their range, you can find out more about them on their website.

One of the things I love about Dragonfly tea are their wonderful tea tags, each has a little message to make the tea lover smile....

Dragonfly Tea

We'd like to thank Dragonfly Teas for sending us the selection of teas to enjoy. Please note that although we received these teas for free, it has not affected our taste buds and all opinions are our own.

So, over to you....what are your thoughts on green tea? Do you love it or loathe it?

Thanks for popping by today,