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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Halloween 2016 Round Up - Spooky Afternoon Teas!

Hello there,

With Halloween just around the corner we thought we would share with you some of the spooky afternoon teas we've discovered this year....

Let's start with The Milestone Hotel in London....

Their selection of spooky pastries including....
Wickedly witchy cupcake,
Garishly ghoulish
Orange & chocolate macaroon,
Morbid mummy / deadly Dracula ├ęclair
Spider's web vanilla cheesecake
£40 per person

The Park Lane Hotel is offering a slightly different Halloween afternoon tea this year...

Yes, it's a magic themed afternoon tea (for people like me who don't really like magic this is quite horrifying!!). To celebrate Halloween, The Park Lane Hotel have crafted a magic Afternoon Tea to pay tribute to Harry Houdini on the 90th anniversary of his death in this menu available 28th - 31st October. 

Diners can indulge in a complimentary elusive cocktail alongside a range of themed treats while enjoying some top class close up magic from magician Tony Middleton, who has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool us and is the star of the hit London show, The Magic Hour.

Or how about the Halloween edition of the Lancaster London ARTea....

How amazing does that look...let's see what it includes...

A collection of Sandwiches & Savoury bites...
Smoked in the fires of hell salmon on granary
Axe carved beef with horseradish
Smashed egg and crazy wild cress on blood bread
Cucumber coffins 
Devilled chorizo tartlet
Fried until dead veggie Scotch eggs

"Slate of the Art" Scones 
Plain and raisin the dead scones, congealed jam and blood clotted cream
Pumpkin scones with cremated blood orange marmalade
Artists tube of home-made strawberry jam 
Artists tube of Cornish clotted cream . 

When you have brushed the rest aside enjoy a gallery of devillicious sweet bites
Chocolate graveyard
Spider web lollipop
Shattered glass cupcakes
Frankenstein macaroons
Bloodied finger ├ęclair

ArTea  is available at £26.25 Per Person

Bea's of Bloomsburys has created all kinds of spooky sweet treats...

A ghoulish Halloween gift box with 6 hauntingly creepy decorated cupcakes, including 2 Red Velvet; 2 double chocolate and 2 pumpkin vanilla.

Or how about these spiced pumpkin macaroons....

Not going to be in London this Halloween....never fear we've also found some spooky offerings slightly further afield!

If you fancy combining a day out at The Tropical Butterfly House in South Yorkshire with a spot of spooky afternoon tea, this October you can have an extra special Halloween themed Afternoon Tea for Two for £34 including admission to the Wildlife Centre.....

Monsters, ghosts and eyeballs.....something for everyone here!

Even Disneyland is getting a bit spooky with their  “Trick or Tea” afternoon tea...

The sweet treats include chocolate-dipped strawberries decorated to look like Jack Skellington’s suit and a jack-o’-lantern pumpkin!

If you enjoy a tea-riffic Halloween themed afternoon tea we'd love to hear all about it - send us a photo on Twitter or Facebook!

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Time for Tea - Coworth Park, Ascot

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends. Today we have another lovely guest post for you as we are joined by my fellow Farnham WI Vice President Lydia, as she enjoyed a recent afternoon tea at Coworth Park.

Coworth Park is part of the Dorchester Group, it's a luxury country house hotel and spa set in beautiful parkland in Ascot. Afternoon tea is served in the beautiful setting of the Drawing Room, and on Saturday and Sundays from 2.30pm guests can enjoy afternoon tea accompanied by live music from either the pianist or harpist.

The afternoon tea menu is seasonal and currently includes

Sandwich selection:
Oak smoked salmon, lemon sour cream
“BLT” Beef, lovage and tomato
Coworth Park Coronation chicken
Cream cheese with cucumber and mint
Egg mayonnaise with shallots and watercress

Afternoon tea sandwiches from Coworth Park, Ascot

Strawberry jam, seasonal compote and clotted cream

Pastry selection: 
Milk chocolate and hazelnut choux bun
Orange mousse on vanilla shortbread
Coworth Park carrot cake

Cinnamon and Bramley apple macaroon

Afternoon tea pastries from
Coworth Park, Ascot

Lydia told me how great this afternoon tea is, the service was great and there is a brilliant tea selection too. As well as traditional and herbal teas, there is also a great selection of seasonal teas:


 China black tea delicately infused with sweet almond.
Soft, mellow and soothing

The headiness of orange blossom infused with China black tea and hint of
cinnamon and cloves, culminating in a truly fragrant and revitalising tea

Classic Ceylon black tea combined with coconut creates perfectly sweet
and rich tea, with nutty flavor

With a combination of cranberry, orange and rooibos,
this citrus blend mixes fruit sensations with a subtle floral bouquet,
to provide a truly fragrant tea

A soft, round tea with fresh apple flavor, warm and calming blend

Green tea infused with plum and cinnamon

Take on the Earl Grey tea, fragrant, bright and light black tea infused with
Bergamot oil and delicious citrus peel

I think the sugar plum tea sounds wonderful!

For more information about the Coworth Park afternoon tea pop by their website.

A big thank you to Lydia for sharing her tea-riffic photos with us! If you enjoy a spot of afternoon tea anywhere we'd love to hear all about it - drop us a line or send us some photos!

Thank you for popping by today,

Monday, 24 October 2016

Belated Tea Review - Autumn at Bluebird Tea

Hello there,

We hope you're feeling tea-riffic today!

Recently the lovely peeps at Bluebird Tea sent us a fabulous collection of autumn teas, including the ever popular Spiced Pumpkin Pie!

Not heard of Spiced Pumpkin Pie yet? It's only Bluebird Tea's limited edition Autumn favourite, which is a spiced Pumpkin Chai. The blend includes Ceylon black tea, carrot pieces, Halloween sprinkles, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, vanilla pieces, flavour......but don't be put off by the carrot, this is a scrummy tea!

Spiced Pumpkin Pie from Bluebird Tea

This tea is light brown in colour when brewed and has an amazing sweet, vanilla aroma. It has a really refreshing flavour which is sweet and warming. A really lovely cup of tea....no wonder it's so popular! Bluebird Tea also has a Pumpkin Spiced Latte recipe that you can follow on their website.

Also in the selection was an intense and smokey Lapsang Chai....

Lapsang Chai from Bluebird Tea

Such a pretty blend! 

This is aromatic, pinewood smoked black leaf  and masala chai spices includes Indian Assam tea, lapsang souchong black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, red peppercorns. 

This tea has a beautiful amber colour when brewed and has a spicy aroma. The flavour is intense and smokey, perfect for the autumn months.

Looking for something a little chocolately? Why not try the Choco Pops blend....

Choco Pops Tea from Bluebird Tea

This blend smells amazing - assuming you all love chocolate as much as I do! 

This blend includes Sri Lankan black tea, Japanese sencha green tea, cacao bean, chocolate chips, toasted rice, chocolate sprinkles, and flavour. Once brewed it loses a little of it's chocolate aroma, but has a sweet and nutty flavour. 

The final tea in this selection is the naturally caffeine free Rooibos Earl Grey...

Rooibos Earl Grey from Bluebird Tea

This decaf earl grey includes Rooibos, mallow flowers, blue cornflowers and flavouring. The leaves have a really strong aroma - the bergamot smell is very strong. This however mellows when the tea is brewed. 

The tea is a warm brown colour when brewed and actually tastes just like earl grey! It is a very warming tea, with citrus notes. A very enjoyable cuppa when you don't want to drink caffeine. 

This is a great selection of teas for the aumtun months, as the weather is getting colder. To find out more about Bluebird Teas pop by their website.

We'd like to thank the Bluebird Tea tea for sending us this scrummy teas and if you try them we hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Sunday Scone Review - The Good Taste Bakery

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends - we hope you're well today.

It's another Sunday....so it's time to sit back and read about the latest scone that we've been trying out! This week we have a scone from The Good Taste Bakery, which I bought recently from a local garden centre along with some Dorset clotted cream and a jar of pineapple jam....

The Sunday Scone review with The Good Taste Bakery

Not heard of The Good Taste Bakery before? Well, Good Taste is an independent business, celebrating its first 20 years next year, which is owner-managed by Master Baker, Dean Wilsher, and Head of Confectionery, Debbie Wilsher. They currently produce over 40 different breads and rolls, and are committed to combining high quality ingredients with traditional craft baking skills, and twenty first century technology.

They aim to produce bread that tastes good, lasts well, is as healthy as possible – and is good value. The Good Taste Bakery is a modern, high tech space near Camberley, Surrey that is home to an impressive array of talented and proud bakers, each with their own specialities. And an interesting fact is that every single item they produce is made by hand!

So....what's their scones like I hear you say?

Well, as you can see I bought the fruity ones and I was pleased to see they had been generous with their sultanas. The scones were a good size and cut easily. 

The cream spread easily too, giving me a good base for the jam ...

The flavour of the scones were sweet, but not overly sweet - they let the flavours of the cream and the jam shine through. The texture was great too - not at all claggy. There were also only two in the pack, which I thought was great as nothing went to waste.

I also wanted to give a mention to the jam....

This is my new favourite discovery....its sweet, fruity and very tropical! The flavour is a true pineapple flavour and despite being sweet, didn't taste artificial. It also has small, delicious chunks of pineapple in the jam. It went really well with the clotted cream.....and also tastes great swirled in plain yogurt. I think its safe to say that I love this jam!!

All in all I was very pleased with these discoveries, the scones were tasty and made a great base for the cream and jam. I also loved that you buy these in packs of two - great for smaller households or if you just fancy one or two scones. If you happen to see these in a local shop I'd definitely recommend giving them a try. 

If anyone else has tried this jam and has a different way of enjoying it please can you let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for popping by today,

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Spooky treats from Sweetheart Cake& Bake Shop!

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends!

Sweetheart, Covent Garden’s newly opened Cake & Bake shop, is kicking off the autumn season with a spooktacular selection of cupcakes, biscuits and sweet treats during the run-up to Halloween. They are so cute we couldn't wait to share them with you.....

From 10th–30th October, the shop will be offering a line-up of devilishly delightful cupcake flavours, including Evil Pumpkin Oreo, Witchy Chocolate Orange, Trick or Treat Blueberry, RIP Chocolate Heaven, Ghostly Nutella and more. A spellbinding range of tasty cakes, biscuits, teas and beverages will be available for purchase as well.

Owner Polly Antoniadi said: “Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year, and we’re getting as creative as possible with our seasonal flavours and designs! Over 80% of our display will be Halloween-themed versions of our cupcakes, and the shop will be fully decorated, so be sure to visit us in Covent Garden to celebrate the occasion.”

Despite the supernatural theme, all of Sweetheart’s products are made from top quality, pure and natural ingredients such as British butter and fresh milk, handcrafted in-house with TLC and baked with a personal touch.

Cupcakes are available in-store or take-away for £3.80 each.

If you pop by the shop don't forget to take a photo - it sounds like a tea-riffic selection of bakes!

Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna