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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Time for Some Sweet Treats....Canelé from Yvonne & Guite

Hello there,

We hope you're having a Tea-riffic Teas-day!

Recently Tea With Me and Friends towers were the lucky recipients of this gorgeous little box from Yvonne & Guite....

We had been in contact with Caroline from Yvonne & Guite who had asked us to try their canelés.....neither of us had heard of canelés before but were keen to discover these little known French treats.

We peeped into the little box and discovered the little, glossy sweet treats inside....

So..we hear you cry...what exactly is a canelé??

Well, we're glad you asked....as Caroline told us...they are French treats, which originated over 300 years ago in Bordeaux, characterised by a unique texture - a soft interior with a thin caramelised crust, traditionally flavoured with vanilla and rum.

The caramelised crust gives them a rather irresistible glossy finish.....

We followed the instructions that came in the box.....serving them warm...we added the cherries to try and get some of our five a day!

These truly are a unique treat, like nothing we have tried before. 

I think these treats could be enjoyed at any time of the day, as the rum is very subtle (due to the small amount used and high baking temperatures). In fact they taste rather fruit like, and have a lovely almost custardy middle which is not exactly runny nor a traditional sponge.....

The other lovely thing behind these beautiful little morsels is the company that makes them...or rather should we say the person. Caroline founded Yvonne & Guite in September 2014 based on her love of baking from her family recipe book (which she did from a young age) and her love of canelés which she could not find in London (she moved there from France in 2011). 

The book was full of family recipes....including lots from her Grandmothers...Yvonne and Guite who were passionate about their baking. Caroline started baking canelés about four years ago after her mum gave her some traditional moulds to use. There has been lots of perfecting the canelé recipe that Caroline uses but now she is introducing this traditional French treat to London!

 If you would like to try them for yourself or would like to find out more pop by the Yvonne & Guite website.

Alternatively you can find these treats on the Bonativo website.

We'd like to thank Caroline for introducing us to these lovely French treats. Please note that although we have received a complimentary box of canelés this hasn't affected our taste buds and all opinions expressed her are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

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