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Friday, 17 July 2015

The Friday Review....Peppermint infusion by Sainsbury's

Hello there,

It's time for another Friday review and this week I thought I'd show you that we're not all fancy-pants all of the time!  You know that we love nothing more than a luxurious brew with loose leaves and precision timers but let's be honest, sometimes we don't have time for all of that.  Sometimes we just need something simple, warm, comforting and quick.

So with no further ado I would like to introduce you to my trusty Sainsbury's peppermint infusion.  Ok, I'll give you a moment..  have you all picked your jaws up from the floor?  I know that it is not "proper" tea and that it comes in a bag but I don't care - in fact, that's one of its charms.

You boil the kettle, poor the water over your teabag, brew it for three minutes and Bobs-your-Uncle, you have a delicious hot beverage!

It is light and refreshing, not full of caffeine so can be enjoyed at all times of the day and at the grand price of £2 for 80 teabags, you don't feel guilty if you leave half a cup because you saw something on Pinterest, got distracted and wandered off!

So now I've let you in on my secret everyday brew, how about you?  What's your favourite everyday brew?  We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for popping by today,
Lorna & Rachel

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