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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tried and Tested.....Williamson Tea - Traditional Afternoon

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Welcome back to another tried and tested tea article from Tea With Me and Friends, today we'd like to share with you a lovely Traditional Afternoon tea from Williamson Tea.

Now I first discovered Williamson Tea when wandering the tea aisle in a Supermarket, I was approached by a lady who couldn't reach the tea on the top shelf and she asked if I could reach a box for her. It turned out to be Williamson Tea, which she heartily recommended. The tea was on offer at the time and I thought "why not!", so I bought my first box of Traditional Afternoon tea! I am so pleased that the lady passed on this recommendation, as this is definitely one of my "go to" teas!

Williamson Tea are a family owned business who grow, select and blend their teas in Kenya on four different family owned farms. They tea comes in lovely silver cartons, loose leaf caddies and also fabulous elephant tea caddies.

Traditional Afternoon tea from
Williamson Tea

Their range includes a breakfast tea, an afternoon tea, a green tea, an earl grey and some of their own blends to name a few. My favourite has to be their Traditional Afternoon tea, as its easy to drink with a good flavour. The website calls it a classic afternoon tea, with good body. I love the golden colour that it has.

A nice cup of tea with Tea With Me and Friends!

In regards to cost, the tea bags are £2.49 for 50 bags or you can buy 100g of loose leaf tea for £4.05. You can also buy wonderful elephant tea caddies which start from just under £7 for a medium caddie.

Find out more about the range on the Williamson Tea website.

If you have any teas you think we should try, please get in touch!

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