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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tried and Tested Tea....Bellevue Tea

Hello there,

Welcome to a new series of articles from Tea With Me and Friends - since it's tea month in March we thought we'd start sharing some tried and tested articles with you. If you read our resolutions post at the beginning of the year you'll know that I wanted to spend some time in 2014 learning about tea and trying out different types of tea.

In these "tried and tested" articles I will be sharing with you some of the teas I have tried and what I thought about them!

I'm kicking off with several different teas from bellevue Tea, which is an independently owned family business based in London. Bellevue was founded by Clare Jones and her tea trader husband Mike...both have a love of tea a an extensive knowledge which helps them source high quality tea.

Clare and Mike very kindly got in touch with me and sent us some lovely tea to try out......

A selection of Bellevue Tea

We were really spoilt by bellevue who sent us Ceylon black tea bags, Rooibos tea bags and a pouch of the bellevue belter (a strong, loose leaf blend). The teabags all come neatly packed in a box, each is stringed and has a tag - there are 25 individually wrapped bags in each box. The bellevue belter comes in pouches of either 100g or 500g.

Nicely packaged bellevue tea
I decided to start my tea tasting with a cup of Rooibos tea......which proved to be a lovely, rich and smooth "red bush" tea. The tea had a gorgeous mahogany-red colour, and a slightly sweet flavour. I drank my cup without milk or sugar/honey...but you can add all of these to taste.

A tasty cup of bellevue tea rooibos tea

This tea costs £2.50 for 25 individually wrapped teabags.

The next tea I tried was the Ceylon black tea, which was also in teabag form. Now, I am a bit of a fan of  Ceylon tea, I love the refreshing flavour and its often my default choice when I am out for a spot of tea!

A Tea With Me and Friends favourite - a nice cup of Ceylon tea!

bellevue tea's Ceylon tea is hand-picked in Sri Lanka and has a lovely, fresh taste. Again, I enjoyed my cup black without any sweetener. This tea is also £2.50 for 25 individually wrapped teabags.

That just left me the bellevue belter to try, which is the bellevue house blend tea. This tea got its unusual name when a friend of bellevue tea was drinking it on holiday declared that it was ‘a real early morning belter’. This is a good strong blend, including teas from India and Africa.

A belter of a cup! May I introduce the bellevue belter!
Now I read all about this tea on the bellevue website and decided I would enjoy this tea first thing in the morning as an alternate to the cup of the coffee that I sometimes require to kick start my day! The tea had a wonderful aroma to it and was a lovely dark colour. It turns out that I'm quite a fan of stronger teas and this was a lovely cup of tea! Not too overpowering, I really enjoyed my cup of belter!

The bellevue belter is available as a loose leaf tea at £3.00 for 100g and £12.60 for 500g.

I really enjoyed my tea adventures with bellevue teas (thank you again for spoiling us!) - if you'd like to know more about the teas available pop by the bellevue tea website.

If you have tried any of these teas we'd love to know what you thought!

Thank you for popping by today,

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Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Rachel, I've never tried rooibos tea (I stick to true tea), but have been curious about it ever since watching the series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. If you haven't seen that, you really must! They're constantly having bush tea.