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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tried and Tested .....Twinings Tea - Awake

Hello there,

As we are coming to the end of tea month on Tea With Me and Friends I thought it was time that I shared with you another tried and tested tea review.

Recently I was a little disappointed to discover that one of my Twinings teabags had exploded in it's box. When I brought this to Twinings attention I am pleased to report that their customer service response was not only speedy, but also very customer focused. I received a letter from them within days, which also included some vouchers and also some new teabags to try - I was very impressed!

Great customer service from Twinings Tea

I have to say that I was rather intrigued by the attractive bright orange packaging of the Awake teabag and so I decided to give this one a try first. When I read about the tea on the Twinings website I found it is a herbal infusion featuring rooibos, ginger and ginseng making it a caffeine free way to kick start your day.

Just looking at the packet makes me smile!

The tea itself is indeed very refreshing and bright, as it includes a hint of peppermint and cinnamon with the other ingredients. I brewed the tea for a couple of minutes, as recommended by Twinings, and was pleased with the warm appearance of the brew.

A caffeine free way to kick start your day! Twinings Awake

This tea both looked and smelt great, and also tickled the taste buds - a great alternative to my usual cup of strong black tea or coffee first thing in the morning!

I'd like to thank Twinings for sharing with me! Have you tried this unusual infusion - what did you think?

Thank you for popping by today,

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Anonymous said...

I tried it this morning for the first time and I must say - I enjoyed it very much! Like the combination of rooibos, ginger and ginseng - yummy!!