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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What's your favourite sandwich filling?

Hello there and welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends!

We have recently started looking at the humble sandwich, and what part it plays in the afternoon tea feast. In our last article we looked at all the different types of sandwich you can now find within an afternoon tea....they have definitely evolved from the dainty finger sandwich traditionally served with tea.

Afternoon tea sandwiches

We currently have a poll running on our side bar...we're interested in knowing what your favourite sandwich filling is. If you have voted yet we'd love to hear from you!

Egg mayonnaise sandwiches are always extremely popular at the afternoon teas that Lorna and I create for our friends. We have one friend in particular who is a really big fan....I'm not sure what she'd do if we served tea without them!

Are there any egg sandwiches in there?

I'm quite partial to coronation chicken sandwiches at tea....a filling that I do not usually have in my sandwiches, so its a lovely treat.

Today's sandwich menu at tea can be so diverse, with venues moving away from the more traditional fillings like egg mayonnaise, cucumber or salmon. Whats the most unusual sandwich filling you've come across? Leave us a comment and let us know!

And don't forget to vote!

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1 comment:

Rosie Louise said...

I'm really fussy with Sandwiches so Cheese is my favourite! I have afternoon tea a few weeks ago and you could chose Sandwich filling from a huge list, so I had Bacon which is a bit unusual for afternoon tea but was good!