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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Time for Tea......Intercontinental Westminster

Hello there,

Our lovely friend Becca has been indulging in a spot of afternoon tea....without us (yes, we were very sad)....but luckily she took some photos for us to drool over and told us all about her lovely afternoon.

Becca went to the Intercontinental Westminster, which Lorna and I first discovered last summer, to enjoy their unlimited champagne afternoon tea. Take a look at the scrummy treats that Becca and her friend enjoyed.....

Afternoon tea at
Intercontinental Westminster

The tea selection at the Intercontinental Westminster is rather good, and includes black, white and green teas. As well as scented, flowering, Oolong and herbal teas. In fact there are 14 different teas to choose from on the standard menu, plus three premium teas that you can try for an additional charge.

Becca has a bit of a savoury tooth, and she nearly always prefers the sandwiches and savoury treats to the sweet cakes and pastries. She was pleased to report back that the sandwiches were all very tasty and as you can see from her photo above they were appropriately cut without any crusts!

Intercontinental Westminster Afternoon Tea Sandwiches
Photo from hotel website

Becca also commented that the scones were very tasty! They were served warm with jam and rather scrummy lemon curd.

There was one sweet treat in particular that Becca really enjoyed from the cake stand.....

Sweet treats at the Intercontinental Westminster!

This cake was described by Becca as "peanut butter deliciousness"! High praise indeed from our savoury toothed friend!

Becca and her friend cleared their plates, and were asked whether they wanted anymore food. The champagne also flowed freely during their time at the hotel. The waiters were very friendly and helpful, confirming whether there were any dietary requirements before ordering the tea. 

Always a good sign at the end of a tea - empty plates!

Becca commented that it was so relaxed and enjoyable that they wanted to stay there all day!

During afternoon tea a harp is played to entertain the guests, he plays a mix of modern and classic songs. Becca and her friend enjoyed playing "guess the song" as they enjoyed their tea.

This afternoon tea experience is £30.00 per person, which is brilliant value as the food is replenished and the champagne flutes are never left empty. However, this is a special offer in January 2014...take a peek at their website to see what tea the hotel is currently offering.

Thank you Becca for sharing your lovely experience with us. If you've enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea recently and would like to share your photos with us please get in touch! 

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel and Lorna

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Rochelle and Natasha said...

Love the range of foods you all tried - looks delicious :-)

We went for a cream tea on Tuesday for our Nan's birthday - we just loved it & thought of you both.

x Roch & Tash x