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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mini Experience....Bettys York

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So, my lovely friends all know how much I love to see what sweet treats they have been sampling that some of them send me photos of their adventures! I was therefore not surprised when I looked at my mobile phone recently only to find a text message with the following photo attached:

My friend from work, the lovely Val, has recently spent some time in York and while there she ventured to the famous Bettys in search of something yummy!

Bettys first opened their doors to the public in 1919, with the aim of serving customers an array of Yorkshire and continental sweet treats - nearly 100 years later and they now have six tea rooms keeping the public served with tea and cake.

I asked Val for some words to accompany this wonderful photo and this is what she said:

"Don’t be put off by the queue to get into the famous Betty’s at York, it is well worth the wait and as the queue shortens to waiting inside, you will be able to see the fabulous d├ęcor and watch the waiting staff in their immaculate uniforms.
So much on the menu to choose from, but while in Yorkshire you should try and pick a local speciality – I chose the famous ‘Fat Rascal’.  Similar to a very large fruity scone, served with butter, beautifully presented and large enough to allow you to take your time eating and drink in the fabulous atmosphere!"
I have to say that Val really seemed to enjoy her Betty's experience....and although this isn't strictly an afternoon tea feature I thought I would share it with you anyway! I hope to visit Bettys one day to sample some of their sweets for myself - I'd love to hear if you have ever visited one of the Bettys tea rooms.
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Rachel & Lorna


anika said...

Good call including this place even though it is not a traditional tea as anywhere people are willing to queue for must be worth a visit.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Rachel and Lorna, while you're waiting to take a trip to Bettys, you can try my fat rascals. I blogged about them about a year and a half ago. Aren't they cute - and such a cute name!