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Monday, 10 October 2016

Tea-rific News.......It's Chocolate Week!

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends! We're really excited this week because it's.......Chocolate Week!

The UK's biggest Chocolate celebration runs from 10th -16th October 2016, culminating in The Chocolate Show on the 14th-16th October at Olympia National Hall, London. Hundreds of events are expected this Chocolate Week around the UK, with the country’s top chocolatiers and chocolate companies, as well as hotels, bars and restaurants celebrating by hosting talks, tastings, demonstrations and sampling, as well as creating exclusive products, new launches, offers, chocolate meals, cocktails and recipes using some of the best chocolate brands from around the world.

Chocolate Week aims to promote fine flavour chocolate, the independent artisan chocolatiers and the chocolate companies who work in direct partnership with cocoa farmers, encouraging consumers to pay a fairer price for their chocolate.

Chocolate Week is organised by Sylvie Douce and Fran├žois Jeantet, founders and organizers of the Salon du Chocolat around the world including The Chocolate Show London.

We're celebrating Chocolate Week at Tea With Me and Friends towers with a host of dedicated chocolate blog posts! So make sure you pop back during the week!

For more information about Chocolate Week pop by the Chocolate Week blog!

Thanks for popping by today,
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