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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Chocolate Teapots!

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends.....as you know we love tea and we also love chocolate....and since it's Chocolate Week we've found something that combines the two!

I Just Love It offers lots of chocolate goodies.....including a chocolate teapot!

Chocolate Teapot  £24.99

This product is about as much use as a Chocolate Teapot. Whether you’re using it to fuel puns or for its proper use, we won’t judge on either. It’s a life-size teapot featuring 600g of chocolate and can be eaten in two ways; piece-by-piece or fill it with hot water to create a gorgeous fondue.

Don't fancy a teapot.....never fear they have a whole range of beautifully crafted chocolates in range of designs including Handcuffs £16.99, Spanner £12.99, Horseshoe £11.99, Bottle Opener and Cap £10.99,Nut and Bolt £12.99, Shears £13.99, Secateurs £12.99, Padlock £12.99, Wing Corkscrew £16.99, Twist Corkscrew £14.99 and Key £12.99. 

For those with food intolerances, they’re also gluten free!

Chocolate Golf Iron and Ball £15.99

To see more of the chocolate goodies on offer take a peek at the I Just Love It website!

Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

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