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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Time for....some baking...this time with Twinnings!

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Remember last week when I shared that scrummy Piacha Black and Cherry biscuit recipe and I mentioned that you could probably use any tea in this recipe....well guess what....I've been back in the kitchen experimenting again! And I can confirm that this recipe works well with other teas too!

Twinings Lady Grey teabag biscuits
from Tea With Me and Friends

This time I have used Lady Grey tea from Twinings. 

If you haven't tried Lady Grey yet, it's a black tea combined with oranges and lemons to give a fresh and zesty tea. For this recipe I have used a Twinings teabag, and I found that the leaves were the perfect consistency for the biscuits.

Apart from a different tea, the recipe for these biscuits is exactly the same as before.....

You will need:
1 Twinings Lady Grey tea bag
130g plain flour
50g caster sugar
20g icing sugar
100g unsalted butter
splash of water
100g chocolate - optional

A straw for poking holes
Bakers twine (or other thread)

This will make: 16 teabag biscuits

Preheat your oven to:
200c or 180c (fan oven)

To make the biscuits:

  • No need to grind your leaves this time - just tear open the teabag!
We flavoured our biscuits with a Lady Grey teabag
  • Combine all your dry items (so that's the tea leaves, flour and both sugars) in a bowl, mixing them well
  • Next you need to add the butter - rub this into your dry ingredients so you end up with a bread crumb like mixture. Don't worry if it starts to combine together at this stage,
  • Now add a splash of water and carrying on combining the mixture to make a dough. At this stage less is definitely more - you don't want a sloppy dough
  • It's time to chill your mixture - this is important to stop the dough expanding when baking in the oven. Roll your dough out, wrap in cling film and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

  • Once chilled, we get to the fun part - making the teabags! First put flour on your clean work surface, then roll out the dough until its about 0.5cm and then cut out your little teabag shapes. I used a straw to make the hole at the top of each teabag.
  • Once you've cut all your teabags, place them onto a cold baking tray and place in your preheated oven for 12 minutes or until the edges of your biscuits turn a golden colour.
  • Remove your biscuits from the oven and allow to cool
  • Once cool you can thread your twine through the holes in the top and dip your biscuits in melted chocolate. Don't forget if you go down the chocolate route you'll need to leave the biscuits to dry before you can tuck in.
  • Enjoy with a cup of tea!
Twinings Lady Grey teabag biscuits

These biscuits are crisp, light and fruity - the zesty flavour really comes through well. Again, you don't really need the optional chocolate, but the teabags look cute if you use it.

We hope you've enjoyed our second recipe for teabag biscuits - if you give this recipe a go we'd love to see the results!

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