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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Time For......a sweet hot dog??

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So, I'm pretty sure that most people who visit our afternoon tea blog has a bit of a sweet tooth, but I'm not sure how you're going to feel about our latest discovery.....the Daim Bar hot dog that will be available from K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherds Bush.

Yes, you read that correctly....a Daim Bar hot dog.....for those of you not sure what a Daim Bar is (they used to be called Dime Bars in the UK until 2005) it's basically a crunchy almond butter bar covered in milk chocolate.

K West has taken this humble chocolate bar and turned it into a hot dog shaped treat which is encased in a sweet brioche roll......

This hot dog even has it's own ketchup and mustard topping in the form of sweet mango and raspberry sauce!

If you fancy trying this really sweet treat it will be available at K West from 1st March, costing £5.50 each, or as part of the restaurant’s £22.50 Glam Rock Afternoon Tea. 

If you do enjoy one, we'd love to hear what you think about this sweet treat!

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

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