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Friday, 15 January 2016

The Friday Review......Tazo Tea on location!

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So, this Friday Review is a little different because when Alex and I went to the cinema last weekend we found ourselves enjoying a cup of green tea! We'd been to the gym in the morning and were feeling a little sleepy....so instead of the usual popcorn or ice cream we opted for some tea. As you know we've featured "take away" tea previously, so as we were drinking I decided to grab my

Tea With Me and Friends enjoying
a cuppa while at the cinema!

Our cinema sells a certain well known coffee brand (Starbucks) within the foyer and in their product range are Tazo Teas. Tazo sources their teas, spices and botanicals from communities around the world and only buy unblended teas. 

I am always a little suspicious of green tea served at take away outlets as often it is made with boiling water which can leave the tea tasting a little bitter.....but I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a whirl......

Tazo China Green Tips Tea

The green tea on offer at our cinema is Tazo China Green Tips tea. 

Ignoring the awful cup (which is to be expected when out and about and enjoying a cup of tea) this was actually a great cup of green tea. The water wasn't too hot and the tea bag was left in the cup so we could brew it to our own taste.

Once brewed the liquor was a lovely pale green-yellow colour. This green tea is a light, refreshing tea which is easy to drink. I would definitely have a cup of tea at the cinema again - does that make me sound really old??

Oh and just in case you were wondering, on this cinema trip we saw "Joy" - which was a little bizarre, but also quite inspiring all at the same time!

Have you experienced a great.....or not so great....take away tea while on your travels? Why not let us know about it....leave us a comment below!

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