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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Time for Tea....Grosvenor House, London

Hello there,

Welcome back to another afternoon tea review post from Tea With Me and Friends, today we wanted to share with you our recent afternoon tea adventure to the Grosvenor House hotel in London. Afternoon tea at Grosvenor House is served in the beautiful Park Room, which has a relaxed elegance with low seating and beautiful china.....

The Park Room, Grosvenor House London

We enjoyed Anna's Tea on our visit, complete with a glass of bubbles and as we sat enjoying the experience I remembered exactly why I enjoy a wonderful, traditional afternoon tea. I love the quirky, themed teas we discover....but nothing beats beautiful china, wonderful service and traditional sweet treats along with your finger sandwiches and scones.

Afternoon tea
Grosvenor House, London

Once we had picked our teas from the menu and enjoyed our bubbles the sandwiches were served - there were seven varieties in total...yes...seven...

Afternoon tea sandwiches Grosvenor House, London

Afternoon tea sandwiches Grovenor House, London

Now these were perfect finger sandwiches, cut into bite sized portions, made with fresh bread and with enough fillings to really taste them. Amongst the varieties we sampled were salmon and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, roast beef, roast ham and cucumber. We enjoyed them all....and there was definitely something for everyone!

Once we had enjoyed the sandwiches we were presented with warm scones (wrapped) and a selection of five different preserves....yes five....and clotted cream

Afternoon tea preserves - Grosvenor House, London

Afternoon tea scones - Grosvenor House, London

The buttermilk scones looked homemade and had a beautiful texture and flavour. All the preserves were very delicate in flavour, not too overpowering, and included Strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, rhubarb and ginger. Again, there was definitely something for everyone there and we certainly enjoyed the choice....

Afternoon tea scones dressed the Tea With Me and Friends way!

Once we'd tickled our taste buds with all those different preserves (the blackcurrant was lovely!) we made our way to the sweet treats....

Afternoon tea sweets
Grosvenor House, London

Sooooo....you might be looking at that stand and thinking "Rachel and Lorna won't be pleased...there is only one of each sweet treat on that stand" and you would be right to think that....except we were told from the very beginning (and throughout our afternoon tea) that if we wanted any more of anything we could just request it.

So, knowing this we were happy to enjoy the sweet treats together, splitting cakes and deciding if we wanted any extras. Each item was beautifully presented and tasted wonderful. 

Afternoon tea sweets - Grosvenor House

On the top tier there was a dark chocolate cake and a piece of carrot cake topped with pineapple. Lorna enjoyed the elderflower jelly which was light and delicate. 

Afternoon tea sweets - Grosvenor House

Below that we found a rather wonderful lemon meringue, a decadent chocolate mouse cake and a wonderful strawberry tart which had been spiced up with some fresh ginger. We loved how traditional flavours were mingled with slightly more exotic flavours to produce some exciting afternoon tea treats.

In the end we decided that we didn't need any extra sweet treats....especially since there was one last treat left....a visit to the cake table!

The afternoon tea cake table
Grosvenor House

The cake table has a selection of five or six larger cakes which guests can pick from. Apparently the majority of guests end up taking their cake home with them (we did too) and the hotel is perfectly happy to box up your choice for you. This is a lovely touch as you can continue enjoying the experience in the comfort of your own home.

We thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon tea adventure - everything was fresh and tasty, the flavours were delicate and pleasing. The service was wonderful, all the servers were friendly and knowledgeable, and Park Room is light, airy and elegant.

Afternoon tea - Grosvenor House

Afternoon tea costs £35.50 per person or you can enjoy Anna’s Tea with a glass of Pommery Brut Champagne for £48.50 per person. This is a great value, traditional afternoon tea - perfect for anyone looking for an elegant afternoon tea adventure with friends or family. There is also a Children's tea for younger members of the family. For more details visit the Grosvenor House website.

We'd like to thank Grosvenor House for inviting us to sample their wonderful afternoon tea and for the wonderful service we experienced. Please note that although we were guests of the hotel, this has not effected our taste buds and all opinions expressed in this post are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

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