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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Time for Tea.....Boyds Brasserie

Hello there,

Welcome back to another afternoon tea post from Tea With Me and Friends.

Recently we were asked back to Boyds Brasserie in London to sample their afternoon tea. Some of our regular readers will remember that I first tried the afternoon tea offering from Boyds last summer. It's always good to re-visit a tea, to see what developments there have been...

Afternoon Tea Boyds

If you've got a keen eye you'll notice the tea bag tag hanging from the teapot....yes, when we visited they still served teabags instead of loose leaf tea. I have been informed since our visit that they now only offer loose leaf which is good news for tea lovers out there.

As before we started our afternoon tea adventure with something a little bit different....

Afternoon tea - Boyds

This is a crayfish cocktail, which was fresh and tasty, served with "Croutons". Previously this dish was potted shrimps and I think the crayfish makes a nice change - perfect for the summer.

Once we finished the cake stand and scones were brought out...

Afternoon tea - Boyds

The stand is rather contemporary, made of metal and glass but the afternoon tea offered is more traditional. The sandwiches were cut into fingers and included Cucumber & Cream Cheese, Salmon & Water Cress and Egg Mayonnaise, Water Cress.

Afternoon tea sandwiches - Boyds

There were no crusts in sight, but the sandwiches were a little uninspiring if I am honest. They were also rather dry which was disappointing, very different to the sandwiches I sampled on my last visit.

The scones on the other hand were warm when they were served (on the previous visit they had arrived at the table cold) and came with plenty of cream and jam....

Afternoon tea scones - Boyds

As you can see they were a good size too.

Finally we made it to the sweet selection on the stand....

Afternoon tea sweets - Boyds Brasserie

The sweet selection included a nice variety - lemon drizzle cake, a fruit tartlet, chocolate cherry pots, sponge slices with cream and raspberries and a custard tart. To be honest the sweets were all a bit too large for us, although I did really enjoy the lemon drizzle cake which was zesty and fresh.

Once the sweet treats were finished we were presented with the sorbet selection...

Afternoon tea sorbets - Boyds

The chocolate cones were filled with lemon sorbet and raspberry sorbet - both of which were tart and refreshing. A nice end to our afternoon tea adventure.

The last time I tried afternoon tea at Boyds it was in the evening as part of an event, this time I sampled the afternoon tea in its usual environment on a Saturday afternoon. Although Boyds had the same beautiful interior as before it was lacking a little of the energy and buzz that the evening diners created. The service was also not as attentive as it could have been.

Saying that afternoon tea at Boyds Brasserie is priced at £19.90 per person and so is extremely reasonable. For more information please visit the Boyds Brasserie website.

Please note that although we were invited back to Boyds to sample the afternoon tea and received a complimentary glass of bubbles, we have paid for our afternoon tea and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,

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