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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tried and Tested....Proper Tea White Peony

Hello there,

Welcome back to another tried and tested tea article from Tea With Me and Friends. Today I wanted to share with you a rather lovely white tea that I have tried recently enjoyed.

White peony tea
from propertea

Proper Tea is a contemporary tea room in Manchester which specialises in loose leaf teas. They offer a wide variety of different teas, something for everyone - including five different Earl Grey varieties, black teas, green teas, flowering teas and many more.

I have amongst my tea collection their white peony tea.....

White peony tends to be a refreshing tea, with a slight sweetness to it which I really enjoy. This tea didn't disappoint, it was smooth with a slight nuttiness, and a lovely golden colour when brewed for just under two minutes.

I found this a gentle, refreshing cup of tea which I could enjoy at any point of the day.

For more information about Proper Tea or their white peony tea visit their website.

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