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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tried and Tested.....Teapigs

Hello there,

Welcome back to another Tried and Tested tea post from Tea With Me and Friends. Today we are sharing with you some of the wonderful teas from Teapigs that we have recently enjoyed.

Now you might have seen teapigs before - but do you know much about them? Teapigs were born in 2006 by Nick and Louise who wanted to bring the world pure and simple, high quality tea. Their tea list includes 24 whole leaf tea varities, served either loose leaf or in their tea temples. Black, green, red or herbal teas can all be found on their website.

To start with I thought I would show you something quite different....popcorn tea! This is a Japanese favourite and blends together traditional green tea with toasted rice. Sounds crazy...but tastes wonderfully nutty and totally unique.

The tea temple is full of the toasted rice, which gives a wonderful aroma and whole green tea leaves. I brewed my tea for approximately 3 minutes and was pleased by the amber colour of my brew.....

It tastes like no tea I have tried before - very fresh, but with a distinctive nutty flavour. 15 tea temples will cost you £4.49, which is 30p a cup.

Next, lets look at the Super Fruit tea on offer, which is full of Hibiscus, elderberry, blackcurrant, raisin, natural flavours, ligonberry and blueberry.....

Fruity teas are usually my least favourite brew as they are often quite wishy-washy in flavour. However, Teapigs have changed my point of view by creating a fruit tea using whole berries in their tea temples to give more flavour when brewed.

I brewed my tea temple for about 3 minutes again and gained a cup of deep red, berry flavoured tea! It's a cheerful colour to look at in the cup and is very fruity on the tastebuds too. I would definitly buy this one again, and would like to try it cold as I imagine that would be very tasty too.

The Super Fruit tea is avalible as both loose leaf and in tea temples. Take a peek at the Teapigs website for the different sizes and prices.

Finally I wanted to share with you the mao feng green tea.....

This is a delicate, yet tasty green tea that produces a wonderfully pale green cup of tea. I have tried lots of different green teas, but this one gives flavour yet is not over powering - very refreshing.

This tea is also avaliable in loose leaf or tea temples.

Three very different, but very nice teas! For more information about Teapigs please visit their website.

Thanks for popping by today,

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Lucy said...

Favourite has to be peppermint and licorice and chai. Tea pigs are the best so many variations Lucy x