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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Time for Tea.....In Ireland!

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends! Today I am very excited to share with you another wonderful guest post, but this one is slightly different. It not only features four wonderful afternoon teas.....but they are all afternoon teas that you can only enjoy in Ireland!

I met Laura on Instagram where she was sharing some of her scrummy tea photos and asked if she fancied sharing her Irish afternoon tea adventures with us....I'm very pleased that she agreed! Feast your eyes on this little lot......

Have you ever been tasked with that special thing to do? or place to go for that special someone? be it a friend, family member or more?. I did back in July when my in laws came to Ireland to visit. I set about by dusting off my thinking cap and placing it firmly on my head (which can be sieve like) until  ...... Ping!! The penny dropped! We would do afternoon tea in one of the many fine hotels of Ireland! Now, to decide which one to take them to? I thought it best to experience it for myself prior to making my final decision......... I thought it only fair!! Right? You're with me on it? Yes, perfect :) I visited the following four hotels from around Ireland: Waterford Castle, The Kildare Country Club, Lyrath House Hotel and Kilashee House Hotel for their version of Afternoon Tea.

Waterford Castle, Waterford, Ireland. 
I spent my 30th birthday afternoon in Waterford Castle having their definition of afternoon tea. We were served a splendid array of sweets and savoury on a 3 tier stand. The savoury include smoked salmon and the sweets were divine. We sat in the bay window of the bar and had to be pulled up off the couch! We followed tea by a nice stroll around the extensive grounds that make up the island. 

Click here for more details and up to date prices when I celebrated here it cost 25 Euro.

Afternoon tea at Waterford Castle

Kilashee House Hotel, Naas, Ireland.
I enjoyed afternoon tea in Kilashee House Hotel with my BFF and co-blogger Rebecca, along with her hubby and 2 kids and my other half and our daughter. The hotel is very open to a mass of kiddies joining their mummies  and daddies and they have wonderful grounds to enjoy afterwards so the children can run off the sugar! 

Click here for more details and up to date prices When I went, it cost 25 Euro.

Afternoon tea at Kilashee House Hotel

Lyrath House Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland. 
Afternoon tea was part of a girlie night I went on with all the ladies in my family. It was a great time! We had a movie the night before in a private cinema room. We decided it would be best to stay in our pj's until we saw there was a wedding party on the same corridor!! We were too relaxed to mind too much and continued as if we were a bunch of 14 year old's at a slumber party! The following afternoon we welcomed afternoon tea which was served in a private lounge area off the main entrance hall. The variety of sandwiches & sweets had something for everyone. It was a great way to kick back and reminisce on the previous nights giggles! 

Click here for info on the Girls Allowed package which includes Afternoon Tea (separately AT is 25Euro)

Afternoon tea at Lyrath HouseHotel

The Kildare Country Club, Straffan, Ireland
The tone and character of the hotel is evident from the moment you begin to climb the stairs to the front door. I felt like the Duchess of Cambridge as I was welcomed. We were guided to our sitting room where our afternoon tea would be served. Our view was onto the gardens and a lawn that was perfectly symmetrically cut. The selection, tastes and textures were fit for a king and we had plenty of tea to sip on (pinky finger raised of course!!). The furniture could tell so many stories I'm sure as it was rich in antique quality. Following our tea, we wandered out to that lawn just to make sure it was real! And it was :) 

Click here for more details and up to date prices. Current cost at time of writing this is 30 Euro.

Afternoon tea at  The Kildare Country Club

Each of the hotels I mentioned seemed to fit each individual occasion I celebrated there and I have very pleasant memories (and cravings for) and long to return to each one. I love finding excuses for afternoon tea and look forward to continuing to expand on the above list. If you have had afternoon tea in these or other locations and have photos we would love to hear about it. The final thing I will leave you with is a piece of advise.... ask when you book if tea for one will serve two people as you will save a few Euro and probably a few extra lbs :)

Laura x

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Laura for sharing her afternoon teas with us, its great to see venues from outside of England. If you're reading this post from somewhere in the world, thinking that you'd like to share your afternoon tea experiences too, then please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for popping by today,

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