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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Time for Tea....Green Park Hilton

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Now if you have popped by before you will know that its not just Lorna and I that love to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea, no we've managed to make our friends slightly obsessed too! So when I heard that our lovely friend Anika was going to tea (without us!!) I insisted she took her camera with her!

Luckily for us Anika agreed to write us a guest post....now I must warn....regular readers of the blog will have noticed that we have one friend who is obsessed with egg mayonnaise sandwiches...well this is her and this is her post about the Green Park Hilton.....

Well as afternoon tea goes it was certainly not the best I have experienced but I think this is personal choice based on the fact I am ALL about the sandwiches rather than anything being wrong with it. I took my friend Kellie a newbie to the tea lark and she thoroughly enjoyed it so I have to say if you are more “normal” than me and enjoy the whole experience, especially the cakes and sweet treats, it is a nice tea. 

We arrived at the Green Park, Hilton, Mayfair and the service was impeccable as you would expect from a Hilton Hotel. So they definitely get a gold star for service and customer service. 

Once we were seated our waiter came out with a selection of Twinning teas to choose from and then served us with our lovely clear individual tea pots and a lovely little timer which told us when our tea, whether black, white or green, was ready. I do not think I have been to a tea with that before and I thought it was a lovely little touch. 

Afternoon tea selection
Green Park Hilton

Tea brewing timers!

The food came out and looked and smelt (the scones) divine. The sandwiches on offer were salmon, ham, egg and coronation chicken. Being obsessed as I am with egg sandwiches I had requested just egg and Kellie wanted just coronation chicken, so I cannot tell you what the others were like but if they were as delicious as ours I imagine they are lovely. 

Afternoon tea Green Park Hilton

You are given the equivalent of one sandwich per person and the chicken sandwiches were cut in small triangles – a little controversial only ever been to tea with delicate finger sandwiches – and served on white bread, and the egg were finger sandwiches served on a herb infused bread. I love sandwiches and for me they are the best bit of any tea so when I asked if we could have some more sandwiches to be told it was a set menu, apparently my face said it all according to Kellie! But the waiter did quickly point out that I could purchase more sandwiches which I did for both Kellie and myself but I was quite surprised as I had never been to a tea where the sandwiches were not replenished. For me this is the only reason I would not choose to go back as I am definitely a savoury person. 

That is enough of me moaning about the sandwiches, for all normal people who go to the teas for lovely scones and sweet treats, you will not be disappointed. Despite all the food being served together the scones were still warm and served with the usual clotted cream and jam. There were two sultana and two plain scones and they had a great texture. 

By this point in a tea I am usually not very interested in what is given cake and pastry wise but I did have one of the mini trifles, which was a perfect way to finish off the tea in my opinion as it was light and refreshing. As for sweet treats, there was a lovely macaroon, a chocolate cake, a mini Victorian sponge cake and a fondant fancy. There was just one of each of these – that may be important to all you cake lovers - but two mini trifles. 

Sweet treats on offer at
Green Park Hilton
The ambiance was lovely and the company fantastic so from that point of view the afternoon was perfect, and the tea kept flowing, and I solved the sandwich problem! 

Tea cost £24.50 per person or £29.50 with a glass of bubbles. Each additional round of sandwiches costs £3.50.

Thank you Anika for sharing your experience with us, its a shame when you are limited to a set menu....especially when you have your firm favourites at tea! Have you enjoyed afternoon tea at the Green Park Hilton, if so we'd love to hear from you too!

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Gidget said...

We went to the Cavendish Hotel yesterday for Afternoon tea and had the same issue when we ordered extra sandwiches.Seems to be a 'thing now' in most places. Considering we only got 2 sandwiches each it wasn't good value !