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Monday, 10 February 2014

"That" Question....

No, not the question about scones and cream and jam....the other awkward question that sometimes happens at afternoon tea!

You know the one....when you are enjoying afternoon tea with a friend and you are served a wonderful selection of sweet treats...that are all different! Duplication may appear boring on the afternoon tea stand...but at least you don't have to ask "So which one do you want?".

Oh no! Only one of each cake -
what is a girl to do?

In reality....if you are like me or Lorna I am sure the answer is "well all of them of course!"....but you are at afternoon tea after all....you better be polite and say "oh I don't mind....which one do you want"......while all the time secretly thinking "don't eat that one....I really want than one!".

Now all good establishments will probably give you more sweet treats, which will allow you both to sample all the sweet items...but will you have room after you've demolished (sorry enjoyed) the first stand of sweet treats??

If you are good friends I'm sure you can fight this question out in a ladylike fashion....and it is lovely to see an afternoon tea stand full with an amazing selection of sweet treats. But if there was a smaller selection...and duplication...you wouldn't need to ask this question! Of course you can do what Lorna and I did at the Rosewood recently - cutting each sweet item in half...but that does rather spoil the fun!

No arguments at Asia de Cuba!

It was this very experience that led Lorna and I to discuss this hot topic....and we both agreed that we would prefer a smaller selection that we could each sample, rather than eyeing each other enviously as we ate, wondering whether we'd made the right choice! Then I began wondering if we were the only ones...so I headed to my trusty social media and posed the question....which option to people prefer. I am please to report that there are other people like me....but what do you think?

Our latest poll explores this concept...what do you prefer to see as the afternoon tea stand is brought towards you? A small selection of goodies, all duplicated so the whole group can enjoy each item.....or are you happy to share and maybe not sample all the delights on the stand?

Cast your vote now and let us know how you really feel! Plus has that awkward question ever gone wrong for you? Did you let your friend have the choice and you never got to sample that cake you had your eye on? We'd love to hear from you!

I'm really not sure how this poll will go, so I am looking forward to see your votes!

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Rochelle and Natasha said...

Very valid point!

Difficult one; it's nice to try a little of the entire selection! We've placed our vote :-)

x Roch & Tash x

Anonymous said...

If I'm with my husband, then I proceed to butcher everything by halving it - less easy if you're with someone who demands better table manners! Then I'd prefer doubles of everything so you can discuss your faves!