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Friday, 18 November 2016

The Friday Review - Dragonfly Teas

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It's Friday.....that means one thing at Tea With Me and Friends Towers....it's time for the Friday Review. This week we are featuring two teas from Dragonfly Tea who are celebrating 15 tea-riffic years!

To celebrate fifteen years of Dragonfly Tea, their new Tea House Collection brings to life all the passion, heritage and expertise for which Dragonfly Tea have become known. Their beautiful collection features 10 delicious artisan whole leaf teas, all sourced with care from the finest gardens around the world.

Dragonfly Tea were kind enough to send us two of the collection to sample at home....

Dragonfly Tea Collection

Just look at those beautiful boxes!

As you can see we tried the English Breakfast blend and the Bai Mudan White Tea.

Dragonfly Tea have created a ‘breakfast blend’ of exceptional quality, selecting teas from some of the world’s finest estates. For over 150 years, tea-makers have sought to compose the perfect accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast....and I have to say that Dragonfly Tea has done a wonderful job with this blend! It's a full bodied black tea, with slightly malty undertones. A really good cuppa to start the day!

The white tea comes from China’s mountainous Fujian Province. Known as ‘White Peony’, it is made from the delicate buds and most tender leaves of the Da Bai tea bush, favoured by the 11th century Song Emperors of China. Grown amongst the misty peaks, the leaves are gathered and dried in early spring and then lightly and skilfully cured using age-old techniques. This produces a lovely, light tea which has a slight nutty flavour. 

To celebrate these pretty teas I knew I needed one of my really pretty teacups....

To find out more about the new collection from Dragonfly Tea pop by their website.

We'd like to thank Dragonfly Tea for sending us these teas!

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