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Friday, 12 August 2016

The Friday Review - Grey's Teas Part 3 - The Assam edition

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends - we hope you're enjoying Afternoon Tea Week 2016!

Today we bring you our third and final look at Grey's Teas, this time focusing on a selection of Assam Teas.

Let's start by taking a look at Assam Dikom....

Grey's Teas - Assam Dikom

The Dikom tea garden is based in the south-east of the Assam region in India’s north east, Dikom is considered one of Assam’s best tea estates. The tea produced is a bold, no nonsense traditional tea.

When brewed for five minutes you have a beautiful rich coloured tea with a bright, slightly malty flavour. A well rounded cuppa.....

Grey's Teas- Assam Dikom

Next we have the Assam Harmutty Second Flush.....

Grey's Teas - Assam Harmutty Second Flush

The Harmutty garden was established in 1870 and located in the Brahmaputra valley. The tea is usually picked in May, and has a wonderfully inviting aromatic aroma. 

A nice tea fact for you - this is a clonal tea....which means that the tea bushes which these leaves are picked from are cloned from the root-stock of the original tea plants native to Assam! 

This tea should be brewed for about four minutes and can be drunk with or without milk....we opted for without milk....

Grey's Teas - Assam Harmutty Second Flush

This tea when brewed is a lovely dark amber colour.

This is a lovely bold and rich tea with a slightly malty flavour. 

Finally we have the Assam Tonganagaon 2nd Flush....which also happens to be my favourite of the three....

Grey's Teas - Assam Tonganagaon 2nd Flush

This tea is produced by a small garden, from the Tinsukia district of Assam, in limited quantities, 

The tea is a golden amber colour when brewed for four minutes....

Grey's Teas - Assam Tonganagaon 2nd Flush

This tea has a bold flavour, which is malty but also slightly spicy...and its this delicious warmth that I love about it. A great cup of tea to start the day off with!

We hope you've enjoyed our look at Grey's Teas -there are plenty more teas to see over on the Grey's Teas website. We'd like to thank Grey's Teas for sending us the tea samples to try - please remember this hasn't affected our taste buds and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,

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