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Friday, 25 March 2016

Time for something a little different....a cup of coffee!

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So, some of our regular readers might find this blog post a little shocking.....normally we feature tea on this blog....well tea, bubbles and the odd cocktail or two (ok maybe three or four), but today we're going to feature my other favourite hot beverage - coffee!

Yep, Lorna and I are partial to a cup of coffee...in fact we drink quite a bit of coffee during an average week! One of my work colleagues found this little fact very shocking when I requested a cup of coffee instead of tea recently - exclaiming "but you write a tea blog!".

So, when Purssells London contacted us recently, asking if we'd like to try their coffee....we thought...why not!

Purssells London Coffee

So who are Purssells London?

They are a contemporary coffee roaster , whose coffee is classified as Speciality Coffee. They are proud of the quality, provenance and taste of their coffee.

Their range includes seasonal espresso blends, as well as light and meduim roasts as well as a decaffeinated coffee.

We were sent the current seasonal espresso blend to try - Queen's India

Purssells London Coffee
Queen's India

This coffee is made with Brazilian, Colombian and Ethiopian coffees. It is roasted slightly darker to complement milk based drinks - it's supposed to be a refined and sophisticated espresso coffee. It is the most popular Purssells coffee.

As it's an espresso blend, the grind is very fine and the coffee smells amazing - I just love that burst of coffee aroma when you first open a new packet!

Purssells London coffee

When brewed the coffee is smooth and rich - a really enjoyable cup of coffee.

You can either buy the coffee in individual packets or as a monthly subscription. For more information pop by the Purssells London website.

I'd like to thank Purssells London for sending us thier coffee to try - but please remember that this has not affected our taste buds and all opinions expressed in this article are our own,

Thank you for popping by today,

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