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Friday, 18 December 2015

The Friday Review....Harrods Spiced Black Tea

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We hope you've had a tea-riffic week!

Today is Friday yet again.....so here on the Friday Review we are sharing another tea with you. This week it's the turn of the Harrods Christmas tea, which is a spiced black tea.

Recently I was extremely lucky to receive The Christmas Carol hamper from Harrods as a rather wonderful gift (I am so lucky - the sheer delight of unpacking the hamper was immense!). The hamper comes in a large hat box and contains rather a lot of goodies....

Harrods Christmas Carol Hamper

Once I had wrestled the lid off the box I discovered the scrummy treats inside included:

Spiced Omni-Grind Coffee
Spiced Black Loose Leaf Tea
Honey & Clementine Biscuits with Golden Sparkle
Winter Spiced Biscuits with Golden Sparkle
Clementine & Sweet Orange Marmalade
Spiced Pear & Madagascan Vanilla Jam
Brandy Butter with Courvoisier VS Cognac
Classic Christmas Pudding

......and a fabulous glossy Harrods red Christmas Bauble!

Harrods Christmas Carol Hamper

I got quite excited when I saw the Christmas inspired tea and decided I would try it straight away!

This is a black tea black tea from Sri Lanka which has been mixed with spices including cinnamon, cloves, orange and ginger, to create a truly festive blend. 

I decided this needed to be drunk in my Spode Christmas teacup with a mince pie (or two) to really appreciate the experience.....

Harrods Christmas Spiced Black Tea

I have to say I love this tea!

As you probably all know by now I LOVE Christmas! I love the food, the music, the films, the drinks....everything! But sometimes the Christmas teas I have enjoyed haven't been the best, the balance of spice isn't quite right or sometimes the spice is overpower. 

This cup of tea however was perfect - the black tea is bright and lively, strong enough to balance out the spices. And the spices in the blend have been well picked - this really is a fab cup of Christmas tea....I am slightly disappointed at how small the tin is....I think a trip into London might be required!

And just in case there weren't enough sweet treats in this post....take another peek at the homemade mince pies I enjoyed with my tea.....

Homemade mince pies from Tea With Me and Friends

For more information about this festive tea pop by the Harrods website.

Do you have a favourite Christmas tea? Why not leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

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