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Friday, 11 December 2015

The Friday Review - BlueBird Tea....The Christmas Edition Part 2!

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Happy Friday! Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends. This week we are bringing you another two Christmas teas from the BlueBird Tea Company. Last week we featured White Christmas and Mulled Wine....this week we have Christmas Cake and Gingerbread Chai (which were the two samples that BlueBird sent me).

Let's start with the Christmas Cake blend.....

Christmas Cake - BlueBird Tea Co

This black tea is the ultimate Christmas tea I think....just look at those leaves....there is some Christmas tree in there as well as the cute little snowflakes!

The blend includes Ceylon black tea, vanilla pieces, almond pieces, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, spruce needles and snowflake sprinkles! 

It looks really exciting when you first see the leaves and the aroma is rich and cakey!

Christmas Cake - BlueBird Tea Co

Brew this tea for four minutes and it can be served with or without milk.....I opted for without tea.

Once brewed the aroma got stronger and the tea itself was a dark amber colour. The flavour was quite amazing....it was sweet and warming and very reminiscent of Christmas Cake! I thoroughly enjoyed this cup and was quite sad that I only had enough leaves for one cup!

Finally we have the Gingerbread Chai which is a rooibos blend....

Gingerbread Chai - BlueBird Tea Co

This blend features rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and mallow flowers - it has a spicy aroma and is very pretty.

This tea should be served for at least four minutes and can be served with or without milk....this time I opted for milk! Once brewed this tea had an almost biscuity aroma...

Gingerbread Chai - BlueBird Tea Co

This is a very warming cup of tea and I could taste the ginger more than I could smell it. I did have a taste before I added the milk and I think I preferred the tea with milk as it had a creamier flavour.

To find out more about these Christmas blends pop by the BlueBird Tea website!

Christmas Teas from BlueBird Tea Co

I really enjoyed trying all four Christmas teas from BlueBird Tea and might have indulged in the odd mince pie during the tasting. My favourite blend was the Christmas Cake tea - tea, cake and Christmas all in one cup!

If you try any of the BlueBird Tea Christmas Teas this year we'd love to hear what you think....which is your favourite blend?

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