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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Time for Tea...The Ship Hotel, Chichester

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends, today I wanted to share with you a wonderful little afternoon tea style experience I had during a team meeting a week or so ago. My team were meeting in The Ship Hotel in Chichester for a full day meeting and lunch was organised to keep us going during the day. Now normally lunches of this kind don't really inspire much interest...at best you have a good selection of sandwiches and fruit at worst you might have some UFOs (unidentifiable fried objects) or as I experienced recently...Spam sandwiches!

This lunch however was very different and definitely caught my attention....look what was brought into the meeting room....

Afternoon tea style lunch at The Ship Hotel

Yes, it's an afternoon tea style lunch...complete with warm scones and mini macaroons!

There were sandwiches in traditional afternoon tea fillings such as cucumber and egg...

The Ship Hotel sandwiches

Now they might not have been finger sandwiches and they did still have their crusts on, but for mass catering I was quite impressed! 

As I mentioned, to my delight the scones were warm (although not covered) and they looked rather impressive in their pile on the slate....

Afternoon tea style lunch at The Ship Hotel

To be honest although they look promising, they were a little claggy in texture. We were also disappointed by the skimpy cream and jam servings that accompanied the scones - look at how small those pots are!

In addition to the sandwiches and scones we also had a selection of afternoon tea style sweet treats, which included some banana cake and mini macaroons....

The banana cake was good, the macaroons were OK. Then there were these....

They look innocent enough....quite nice in fact.....perhaps they would be strawberry or maybe raspberry we thought. Well, we were really wrong there....so wrong that I still can't tell you exactly what flavour they were, but they reminded me of grapefruit. I had one spoonful and left the rest!

Now I can't tell you how much this spread cost as it was part of our meeting package, but it was a good alternative to the usual lunch affair you find at establishments catering for corporate meetings. It wasn't the best tea I have experienced, but it wasn't bad...especially since they were catering for a large number of people.

The Ship Hotel is a lovely independent boutique hotel, in a grade two listed building. For more information about The Ship Hotel please visit their website.

One last thing I wanted to share with you are the cakes that my lovely colleague Tom brought along with him (yes more sweet things!)....

Cupcakes from Cake This and Party

Tom bakes rather good cakes! 

Here we have a carrot cake and a lemon cake, he also had sticky toffee cupcakes. The cakes are moist and full of flavour and the topping to sponge ratio is just right! Not only does Tom bake cupcakes, he also does wedding cakes, Birthday cakes....in fact any kind of cake you might like! Take a peek at his website for more information.

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