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Friday, 20 March 2015

The Friday Review....Piacha

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends - you are just in time for another lovely Friday Review.

This week we are featuring another lovely blend from Piacha who we first discovered last week when we tried two of their rooiboos teas. This time we are featuring their Moroccan Mint tea, which one of our lovely readers called Simon mentioned to us after our last post. He told us he had tried the Moroccan Mint and it was "Really well balanced, full mint flavour, no artificial sweetness just totally refreshing."

Inspired by this I took a look at Piacha's website for some more information....I found that their Moroccan Mint tea is gunpowder green tea blended with cooling peppermint, tangy spearmint and fragrant rose petals.....

A very pretty looking blend! 

Now, I'm not much of a mint tea drinker if I am honest and so I asked my colleague Rosie to try this one as she loves a cup of mint tea.

Rosie brewed the tea at home and reported back to us....

Moroccan Mint Tea from Piacha

Rosie commented that she thought it was a very light blend, not as intense in flavour as she had expected. It was pleasant to drink though and as Simon had said not at all artificial in flavour - light and refreshing.

Moroccan Mint Tea from Piacha

This tea is available from the Piacha Tea Bar in London, or via their website. 

The tea costs £5.20 for 70g and its recommended that you two-three teaspoons of leaves per cup. Brew the tea for three minutes, but remember not to pour boiling water directly onto the tea leaves as this can make the green tea taste bitter. For more information on this tea please visit the Piacha website.

Thank you to Simon for his recent comments on the blog, and also Rosie our taste tester for this week! So, over to you....have you tried this Moroccan Mint tea? What did you think? Or is there another Moroccan Mint that you would recommend? We look forward to hearing from you!

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