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Friday, 13 February 2015

The Friday Review....Hampstead Iced Teas

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends, today we are starting a new series of articles where we share with you our thoughts on various tea inspired beverages.....welcome to The Friday Review!

Recently Becca and I decided to try out some of the iced teas from Hampstead Tea. Now I know its not exactly the weather for ice tea, but we fancied something a little bit different and refreshing....plus the pretty packaging of these teas really caught our eye.....

Hampstead Tea - Iced Teas

We found these in the refrigerated section of a local food market and cost cost just under £2.00 each. We opted to try the Lemon Green Iced Tea and also the Raspberry Darjeeling Iced Tea. There is one other iced tea variety to try - Elderflower oolong.

Hampstead Teas herbal teas come from biodynamic growers all over the world, wellbeing and Fair Trade are both promoted by this tea company. As well as the iced teas, Hampstead Teas offer a range of black, green, herbal and fruit teas.

Both the teas we tried had a pleasing look when poured....

Hampstead Tea

We decided to try the Lemon Green Iced Tea first, which not surprisingly was the slightly more yellow beverage. This is supposed to be a tangy and fresh tasting iced green tea....

Hampstead Tea
Lemon Green Iced Tea

To be honest we couldn't really taste the lemon in this tea - it was a very refreshing drink which we enjoyed....but if you want a lemony hit you might be a little disappointed.

Next we moved onto the  Raspberry Darjeeling Iced Tea which is a more fruity blend....

Hampstead Tea
Raspberry Darjeeling Iced Tea

This tea had a ruby appearance and again was very refreshing.....but we struggled to taste the raspberry flavour. You could definitely tell which was the green tea and which was the darjeeling, and they both had refreshing and robust flavours...they were just missing the fruit aspect.

Saying this both teas are organic and natural, with no artificial flavours and so I think you can expect the flavours to be more subtle. 

We would drink them again as we found the blends refreshing....they would be lovely enjoyed on a summers day!

For more information or to discover the other teas on offer at Hampstead Teas please visit their website.

Do you have a favourite tea that you would like to see featured on The Friday Review? Maybe there is a tea that you want to know more about? Please get in touch and let us know!

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