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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Scone Wars Alert!

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Do you remember when we first started writing our little afternoon tea blog and there was a bit of a debate about the way your scones should be dressed? This subject continues to be a hot topic of conversation which rears its head whenever we introduce new people to our blog! People are very passionate about whether the cream or jam or should be put on first (I can see some of you muttering to yourselves as you read this!).

Lorna and I are firm believers that cream goes on first.....it can be spread to give a good solid base for the preserve or curd which goes on top...the jewel in your crown if you like. We know however that not everyone shares our passion (including our best friend Becca....who puts whatever she reaches first on her scones first - scandalous!).

Last weekend scone wars started all over again on Twitter....and all because I innocently commented on a photo of Philip Schofield, who had enjoyed afternoon tea at Claridges....

Now, I didn't really expect a reply from Philip...but look what happened next...

Yes....you read that right! He said jam first!

As you can imagine Lorna was outraged....

For those of you that remember Lorna has tried the jam first method on one of her scones....

Tea with Me and Friends
Scone Wars!

The result was a bit of a mess and we decided that cream first was definitely the way to go!

Scones dressed the wrong way (according to us!)

With this experience in mind I tried to make Philip see the light with a lovely scone photo.....

But it seems he was not to be swayed!! It appears it takes all sorts to make the world go around....and even celebrities get their scone dressing wrong!

The debate quickly spread as people joined in our conversation, I even got included in Tweets like this.....

I love how passionate people are about this subject....and everyone has very valid reasons for their preference! 

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New Girl in Toon said...

This is amazing! I'm afraid I'm Team Phil though! When I was out for afternoon tea a few weeks ago I was so busy talking I accidentally put my cream on before my jam and I was VERY upset!

Chloe x

Julie Mitchell said...

I've never had clotted cream before (not sure I can get it in Canada as unpasteurized milk is illegal & we can't import beef/dairy products from the UK), but I would definitely put the cream first, then the jam. Like how I put butter or cream cheese first on toast or bagels, then jam on top. Seems rather messy to do it the other way & from what I can tell, clotted cream is not fluffy and airy like whipped cream where it would make sense to put it on top.

And now, I'm craving scones with butter and jam & nice cuppa tea! However, I am out of my good marmalade & the jam I do have won't do, so I'll just enjoy a nice cuppa instead!