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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Time for a Little Christmas Tradition

Hello there,

Welcome back to another festive afternoon tea post from Tea With Me and Friends.

It's Christmas Eve and we hope that you are all ready for Christmas. Last weekend to get in the festive mood I held a Christmas Movie day at my house and invited all my girlfriends over to join me. I have a rather large Christmas movie collection......and I'm generally rather passionate about the festive season...so any opportunity to get my friends together and watch lots of Christmas films and eat scrummy food is not to be missed!

Christmas Movie Day with Tea With Me and Friends

I made rather a lot of treats, and some of the girls also brought over some snacks to keep us fortified....

Among other things we had stollen, mince pies, millionaire shortbread dusted with gold and homemade mini quiches.

Some of us got really creative.....

A chocolate Christmas pudding made by Melissa

To begin with we tucked into the food, accompanied with lots of tea and coffee and started watching the movies. Then as the afternoon progressed we decided we needed something more sweet and we set up a hot chocolate bar....

As well as the scrummy hot chocolate we had cream, chocolate chips, marshmallows, honeycomb and chocolate flakes! It really was an indulgent treat, which went well with the festive movies!

In the end we managed to watch three full length movies (Arthur Christmas, Home Alone 2 and The Grinch) and one shorter cartoon and everyone left feeling very relaxed and very festive!

This is the first year that we have done this, but I think it will become a tradition repeated each year as we all really enjoyed ourselves!

Do you have any sweet Christmas traditions that you share with family and friends? We'd love to hear about them....

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