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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Time for Tea....Playboy Club London

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Welcome back to another afternoon tea post from Tea With Me and Friends. Today we want to share with you a recent afternoon tea experience which has a twist and a tail...when Lorna, Becca and I met some Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Club in London and enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea. This afternoon tea launched in July this year, and we were invited as guests of the Playboy Club to try their offering.

Now, the traditionalists out there might already be shuddering slightly, exclaiming "what on earth does the Playboy Club know about afternoon teas??"....but bear with us on this one...

The tea is served in Salvatore's Bar which is a dark, but comfortable space where customer service is second to none and the cocktails flow! The bar staff and Playboy Bunnies could give some of the top hotels in London a run for their money when it comes to customer care.

We arrived slightly early, but were welcomed into the bar and found a seat straight await. We had the menu explained to us and then were left to choose our "tea".....

Time for Tea - Playboy Club style!

So, if you want a proper cup of a tea, then maybe this experience isn't for you. But if you fancy trying a rather wonderful tea based cocktail with your food, then you've come to the right place. The Playboy Club gives you four different varieties to pick from and there is something for everyone...with a traditional, a fruity, a floral and a spicy cocktail.

They cocktails are served in rather lovely iron teapots and cups.

As we began enjoying our drinks, listening to the piano player,  the sweet and savoury treats were brought out to us.....

Afternoon tea
Playboy Club, London

The food is served on slate tea stands, which fit the sophisticated surroundings of the bar. The bottom slate contains a good selection of generously sized savouries and on the top tier you will find a variety of sweets that will make your mouth water.

The afternoon tea has gone pink this month, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, but the themeing is not at all tacky and I think the flavours all worked really well. For every tea sold in October, a donation will be made to Breast Cancer Awareness.

The savoury selection - Playboy Club

On the bottom tier we discovered beetroot and ricotta sourdough bruschetta, smoked trout on crouton, pastrami on a mini brown roll and generous finger sandwiches filled with prawn mayonnaise.

All the savouries were fresh and tasted wonderful. We all really enjoyed the beetroot bruschetta and I loved the luxurious prawn mayonnaise finger sandwiches, which had a mild kick to them. Each of the savouries was presented well, with lovely attention to detail.... 

More savouries - Playboy Club

Now, the eagle-eyed of you out there might be asking "but where are the scones" and this is the part where traditionalists might shudder again....there was only one token scone on the plate...cleverly incorporated into this blackberry and clotted cream shot....

Token scone at the Playboy Club

I really enjoyed this part of the tea, the jelly and clotted cream worked really well together. The mini scone was slightly claggy in texture, but that was soon forgotten when you piled some of the clotted cream onto it!

To be honest we didn't really miss the scone part of tea here - there was plenty of food and we all left feeling satisfied. There was a good selection of sweets to choose from and I am pleased to report there was one of each for everyone....

Afternoon tea sweets - Playboy Club London

This top tier included mini berry macaroons which were crisp on the outside and so wonderfully chewy in the middle. We also enjoyed perfectly spiced carrot cakes and iconic bunny cupcakes, although as Lorna found if you didn't eat your chocolate ears quickly they might fall off....

Lorna and the droppy bunny ears!

All the sweets were very tasty and I am hard pushed to pick a favourite...but possibly that carrot cake might just win! They sweets were all a good size....not too large that you couldn't enjoy them all, but not too small either. We really enjoyed this selection.

Afternoon tea is served between 5-7pm, Tuesday to Saturday at the Playboy Club. The tea, including the tea-based cocktail, costs just £30.00 per person. I think this is really good value as you get a brilliant choice of good quality food, plus a cocktail each. To find out more about afternoon tea at the Playboy Club visit their website.

Once we had finished our food we decided to stay a little bit longer and enjoy a cocktail from the extensive main menu...it took a while to pick from the menu as they all sounded so good, but we were all really pleased when our choices appeared....

Cocktails at the Playboy Club

Now, as well as taking photos of all the scrummy food and cocktails we enjoyed, there was one last photo that we needed....

Tea With Me and Friends and the Playboy Bunnies - I think we fit right in!

We would like to thank the Playboy Club and all the staff we encountered on our visit for their hospitality and great service. Please note that although we were guests at the Playboy Club, this has not affected our judgement and all thoughts in this post are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,

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