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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Time for Tea....Ham Yard Hotel

Hello there,

Welcome back to another fab guest post from Tea With Me and Friends - this time we are joining Jude on another of her afternoon tea adventures! This time Jude and her family visited Ham Yard Hotel, Jude has described this tea as her best afternoon tea ever!

Now after hearing that claim I just had to find out more! Ham Yard Hotel is part of the Firmdale Group, located in Soho. Afternoon tea is served in a number of places in the hotel, including the Drawing Room where Jude enjoyed her tea.

The drawing room is a large airy space and to begin with Jude and her family were the only ones in there, when another couple arrived later, they were seated so far away that tea remained a private affair and conversations couldn't be overheard. They were seated on comfy chairs for tea, and in Jude's opinion one should definitely be sat comfortably for afternoon tea (I couldn't agree more with this)!

The crockery was rather beautiful - better than just plain white china.....

Afternoon tea Crockery
Ham Yard Hotel

The hotel had only been opened for a week when Jude visited, but they experienced no first week teething problems and the waitress was fully versed in every aspect of the afternoon tea. All the staff were very friendly and offered a relaxed service - no snobbiness here at all!

The basic afternoon tea costs £18 per person, for an additional £2.50 per person you can opt from a larger selection of teas. Jude opted for a flowering tea, served in a beautiful glass teapot....

Flowering tea being served at Ham Yard Hotel

Now for the scrummy afternoon tea stand, it's worth noting that the hotel offers a weekly changing afternoon tea menu. Let's begin with the savouries.....as a vegetarian family, Jude enjoyed gorgeous veggie cheese and basil croque monsieur and other vegetarian sandwiches. 

These were followed by scones, both plain and fruit - as a party of three they were served six perfectly sized scones, served with cream and jam.

Afternoon tea
Ham Yard Hotel
Then onto the sweet tier (Jude's favourite tier!)......

Sweet treats - Ham Yard Hotel
 The sweet treats that Jude enjoyed included a banana mouse, chocolate battenberg and three different macaroons. All were really scrummy and good sizes.

Jude and Daisy enjoying afternoon tea at Ham Yard Hotel

All in all Jude had a fantastic afternoon tea at Ham Yard Hotel and would definitely return to the hotel again. Everything was beautifully served and all the staff were knowledgeable and could explain all aspects of the tea. At £18 per person for the basic afternoon tea, this also offers great value for money.

Afternoon tea treats are served throughout the day at the hotel, with a selection of sweet and savoury treats on offer to guests. For more information please visit the Ham Yard Hotel website.

I'd like to thank Jude for sharing her afternoon tea with us, I definitely think this is going on our wish list! If you've enjoyed an afternoon tea recently that you would like to share, please get in touch!

Many thanks for popping by today,
Square Meal

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