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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Time for Tea.....BRGR.CO

Hello there,

Welcome back to another afternoon tea post from Tea With Me and Friends. Today we are asking the question...when is an afternoon tea not an afternoon tea?

Recently Lorna and I visited BRGR.CO in Soho London as a treat for our friend Sheree's Birthday. We were looking for something a little different to celebrate Sheree's Birthday, but we know she enjoys a spot of tea and so when we saw the burger inspired afternoon tea on offer at BRGR.CO we thought that would be perfect.

If you don't know about BRGR.CO they offer high quality gourmet burgers in Soho, London.....but we were there to sample their afternoon tea menu....

Afternoon tea with a difference - BRGR.CO

The purist out there will notice that although there is a savoury and sweet eleement to the menu, and also a tea (of the iced variety) there is not a scone in sight and therefore you may already be questioning the naming of this menu.

The drink refreshments come in the form of a glass of chilled Proseco and a goblet of homemade iced tea. Although there is a choice of flavours on the website we were not offered a selection to pick from.....

Bubbles and iced tea - BRGR.CO

In keeping with a traditional afternoon tea theme the rest of the items were all dinky in size. The savoury selection included three different sliders and the cutest portion of chips.....

The savoury selection
Afternoon Tea at BRGR.CO

The varierty of sliders included a butchers cut and cheese (mini beef burger to you and me), a chicken ceaser and a lobster BLAT. The fillings were fresh and generous, and the flavours were good. The brichoe buns were perfectly glazed and soft.

These were the perfect size for nibbling on as you had a gossip - but don't visit when you are really hungry as you will only be offered the one serving. My favourite slider was the lobster one, although the beef was also very good.

The tiny fries were sadly small in portion size. They were crisp and light, perfectly salted - if I am honest we all wanted more of them (but that could be the salt talking!).

Once we had finished with the savouries we moved onto the sweet selection....

The sweets....
afternoon tea at BRGR.CO

Now, this is where I felt a little let down in the afternoon tea .....yes they were all bite sized and yes everything was fresh, but it wasn't particulary inventive. The best bit was the vanilla milkshake which was rich and creamy. The small piece of chocolate brownie was also nice, but I have enjoyed better. The cheesecake was ok, but the salted caramel doughnut left us all cold....the caramel  filling either being non-existant (in Sheree's case) or it had leaked out from the doughnut onto the tray.

The service and ambience was also not in keeping with a traditional afternoon tea. We only saw the waiter when we ordered and when our food was brought out, we actually had to ask for our bill. However, at £17 per person you cannot argue the value of the experience.

BRGR.CO is ultimately a burger restuarant, they offer good burgers in a fun environment.....and they had a good go at an afternoon tea....but we were all left feeling that they had jumped on the band wagon a little here. If you want a fun experience then it was perfect...if you are more of a traditionalist I would probably go elsewhere!

For more information about the afternoon tea on offer at BRGR.CO please visit their website.

Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna


Lucy said...

What a shame that this wasn't as good as you hoped but maybe as an alternative it might appeal Lucy x

Sheree said...

Thank you ladies! I enjoyed it (esp the company) and would go back for a burger! X