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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Time for Tea.....or a stroll and some cake!

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Welcome back to another post from Tea With Me and Friends afternoon tea blog, this time we have a slightly different post for you. Last weekend I was treated to a fab walking tour of London by my friend Becca as a Birthday treat - but this was no ordinary walking tour....no it was a cupcake and macaroon walking tour!

We had such a lovely time strolling the streets of London, learning about history both old and new and enjoying cupcakes that I decided I had to share the experience with you! The tour is run by Great British Tours and lasted two and a half hours, during that time we took in no less than seven cupcake/macaroon stops! We met our lovely tour guide John at Covent Garden, along with 17 other people.....

John the Tour Guide
Great British Tours
John was incredibly knowledgeable and told us lots of fascinating facts about London in a very friendly manner. But as well as London in general, John was also very clued up on the bakeries we visited along the way, telling us facts about each one before we enjoyed a treat or two!

The places we visited included:
Cupcake Bakehouse Former
Sweet Couture Boutique bakery 
Hummingbird Bakery 
Patisserie Valerie 
Fortnum & Mason's

At each wonderful venue we were given a cupcake or macaroon (sometimes two!), in some cases we had a free choice in others we all enjoyed the same sweet treat! As you can imagine that was rather a lot of cake and so we were really pleased that most places gave us small boxes or bags to take our goodies home with us!

The thing I enjoyed most about the tour was that we discovered some new places that we've never tried before. From the list above I think my favourite place was Yauatcha who had the most amazing display of sweet treats on a patisserie counter that had us all drooling....

Sweet treats at Yauatcha

Yauatcha is a Michelin starred Dim Sum restaurant in Soho, but it also has the most amazing macaroons and other sweet treats. One of the large macaroons costs £8.50 each, but there is a selection of smaller macaroons (the more traditional size) which cost £1.60. The choice is quite amazing and I can highly recommend the salted caramel variety!

More amazing sweets at Yauatcha

If you are expecting a tour completely about cakes and macaroons then this might not be the tour for you, as a lot of the commentary is about the sights and sounds in London. But John did describe each bakery really well. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my tour.....but do remember it is a walking tour and therefore there is a lot of this.....

Follow the leader.....

But I have to say that the walking is worth it as you will see a lot of these.....

Cupcake and macaroon walking tour

And you'll get to sample lots of these....

Not forgetting of course some of these.....

Laduree macarons

For more information about the tour pop over to the Great British Tours website. Have you ever been on a cupcake tour at all? We'd love to hear about your experience!

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