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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Time for Tea....Maison Blanc

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Welcome back to another Guest Post at Tea With Me and Friends....this time our lovely friend Kirsty and her fiance Jake have enjoyed the afternoon tea on offer at Maison Blanc in Farnham, Surrey. I have been intrigued by this tea for a while, so was keen to hear more when I learnt that Kirsty had paid them a visit.

If you haven't heard of Maison Blanc before then let me educate you - Maison Blanc is an artisan bakery who specialise in authentic french breads and pastries and other seasonal items. Their first patisserie was located in Oxford in 1980, and today they have 14 different locations.....including the one in Farnham, Surrey.

As well as all the scrummy pastries on offer, (I have enjoyed one of their cream teas previously) Maison Blanc also have an afternoon tea experience which consists of a pot of tea or fresh coffee and five miniature pastries, which are adapted from the most popular treats offered by Maison Blanc.

Lets take a look at the cake stand.....

Afternoon tea - Maison Blanc, Farnham

The pastry selection includes a mini chocolate eclair, an apricot almondine, a lemon meringue tart, a mini chocolate brownie and a mini millefeuille framboise - if you order a tea for two you will get two of each sweet treat (so no need to fight!).

Afternoon tea
Maison Blanc, Farnham

Kirsty enjoyed the experience, highly recommending the mini chocolate brownie and the little eclairs which were her favourite parts of the tea. However, she did miss the "whole tea" experience and would have liked at least one little finger sandwich or scone!

Saying that, everything tasted good and was very fresh.

Afternoon tea,
Maison Blanc, Farnham

This tea costs £9.95 per person, or you can order a tea for two for £19.90. For more information about the treats on offer at Maison Blanc, pop by their website.

Thank you Kirsty and Jake for sharing your tea experience with us! Have you enjoyed an afternoon tea treat recently that you would like to share....please get in touch!

Thank you for popping by today,

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