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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Themed Afternoon Teas...what's your thoughts?

Hello there!

So this week Lorna and I have sampled not one but two themed afternoon teas! We love a good themed tea....as long as its done well. There is nothing worse than a stylish tea that looks great, but lacks flavour.

This got me thinking.....I always thought we were a bit traditional when it came to our afternoon teas...after all our experience at the Oxo Tower during the summer left us a bit cold. But it seems that as long as the basics are all covered we are perfectly happy with a theme!

Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea at the Sanderson - too much style?
So what are the basics I hear you say! Well, firstly everything that looks fab, must taste good too - that's the most important thing! I also think there should definitely be a savoury part of the tea as well as the sweet treats. However, if the savoury items come in a different form other than traditional sandwiches that's acceptable too! We really enjoyed the mini beef burgers and hot dogs served at the Sex and the City Par-tea!

Scones are a classic part of tea...but if they happen to be missing I think that's ok. However, if they can be incorporated into the theme then that's even better!

One Aldwych's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired afternoon tea
One other item that definitely should be served as part of afternoon tea is the tea itself! I don't mind the odd glass of bubbles or cocktail with my afternoon tea...but you really need a good cup of tea or two as well! I'm not particularly traditional in which tea I go for....as long as there is tea on offer!

So, you know how we feel....now its over to you! Let us know by taking part in our latest poll - do you like a themed tea or should afternoon tea always be traditional?

A very traditional afternoon tea served at Warren House
Also if you've experience a really good (or bad) themed afternoon tea we'd love to hear about it - please leave us a comment!

We look forward to seeing your votes!

Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel and Lorna

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