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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Like tea? Then read this post.....

Hello there!

So, in my last post I mentioned that I had joined The Secret Tea Society.....so today I thought I would tell you a little bit more about the Society and the lovely ladies who I met last weekend.

The Secret Tea Society is a group for you if you are based in London, Surrey, Bath or the surrounding areas....and you enjoy a good cup of tea and a natter! We are a group of smart, tea drinking ladies who meet periodically at organised events where we enjoy tea, cake and sometimes some bubbles or the odd cocktail. Sounds good doesn't it?

There are several different membership packages that you can choose from...starting at under £18 for the year. And once you've joined you'll be able to join in the fun and attend future tea events! All events are organised by our wonderful tea leader (who can make it snow at the drop of a hat!) and range in price from £0 - £45 per person.

The ladies who I met at the last event were all incredibly friendly and welcoming, it was a truly lovely afternoon filled with laughter and tea! There were several new members at this event as well as me....but I think any onlooker would have thought we'd all known each other for years!

If you are intrigued and would like to find out more, pop by The Secret Tea Society website. You can see photos of where the ladies have enjoyed tea previously and where we'll be going in the future!

If you join us, you get to enjoy tea in some unusual places!
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