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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Time for.....a whole month of tea!

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Happy Saturday! We hope you've had a fantastic week!

So....dare we say it....yes, you guessed it.....Christmas is getting ever closer! I don't know about you....but some years I still treat myself to an advent calendar. There is something quite wonderful about opening that little window each morning and finding a little treat. Originally it was the chocolate kind of calendar....but now you can get all kinds of advent calendars giving you a little treat every day in the lead up to Christmas. From beer to seeds from beard oil (yes I said beard oil) to Lego - there is something for everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you an Advent Calendar that will please tea lovers everywhere, because each day you get a cup of tea!

Introducing the Advent Christmas Tea Gift Set from Victoria Mae Designs.....

Victoria Mae is a London based designer specialising in printed pattern and illustration. Her designs have made their way onto various surfaces including ceramics, fabrics, cards, wrapping paper and walls!

There are a variety of different tea bag designs that you can purchase from the Victoria Mae website from new baby or new home to wedding favours and of course Christmas!

In the advent calendar collection you recieve a collection of 25 teabags packaged individually in paper envelopes with different Christmas designs. Each teabag also has a date on it leading up to Christmas, from 1st to 25th December.

The designs are varied and include quotes perfect for the Christmas season – from Christmas carols to nativity scriptures, the tea bags will brighten up anyone's day!

There are two options for this calendar - either a mixed tea collection, or you can have a whole month of English Breakfast Tea.

It's worth noting that the teabags are not mounted at all – they come wrapped in white tissue paper, with a gift bag or gift box included if you order one. However, I still think its great fun to rummage through your pile of teabags looking for the correct date.

Now I haven't opened any of the bags yet to see what tea I have inside as I want to wait until December....but I will feature each teabag on our Facebook page throughout Decemeber.....I'm looking forward to my month of tea!

The collection costs £23.40 for 25 mixed tea bags or £19.50 for 25 English Breakfast tea bags. Each of the paper envelopes are handmade and hand sewn, making them very unique.

For more information about this tea gift or to see more of the Victoria Mae range please visit the Victoria Mae website.

I'd like to thank Victoria Mae for sending us this advent calendar, but please remember that all thoughts expressed in this blog post are our own.

Have you got a special advent calendar this year? We'd love to hear about it - or send us some photos!

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