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Friday, 23 October 2015

The Friday Review....Adagio Teas (part two)

Hello there,

Happy Friday! We hope you've had a fab week!

So, another Friday is with us and this week on The Friday Review we're featuring some more Adagio Teas. If you popped by last week you'll know that the kind people at Adagio Teas recently sent us a rather cool cup and infuser, along with a selection of loose leaf teas. Last week we tried the White Tropics tea...this week we have another three teas to try...

The three teas are a pu erh hazelberry, a jasmine silver needle and a thai chai.

Let's begin with taking a look at the pu erh hazelberry, which combines the flavours of strawberries and hazelnut with the earthy smoothness of a Pu erh tea.

The leaves have a really mouthwatering nutty aroma which burst from the packet when you open it.  The tea once brewed is a dark brown colour and has a very nutty aroma.

I tried this tea without milk first and I found it a very unusual flavour. It had a smokey taste with a vaguely nutty hint to it. I also tried the tea with milk and thought this improved the flavour, as it added a slightly more creamy flavour.

Next lets take a look at the Jasmine Silver Needle white tea....

Jasmine Silver Needle white tea is made up of young tea leaf buds with a whisper of jasmine aura. 

This tea had a delicate fresh jasmine aroma and was a pale yellow colour once brewed. The flavour was light and delicate, making it a rather refreshing cup of tea.

Finally  lets take a look at the thai chai....

This is an alternative to a traditional masala chai and includes black tea, coconut, cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom and lemon grass. I could really smell the cinnamon and hints of ginger in this tea.

This is a really lovely, warming cup of tea. It had a cinnamon aroma with a slightly sweet cinnamon flavour.

To find out more about these and the other teas in the Adagio Teas range pop by their fab website. 

We'd like to thank Adagio Teas for sending us these teas to try, its great to discover new tea ranges. But please remember that this has not effected our taste buds at all, and all opinions expressed in this article are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

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