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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Time for....something to read...How to Make Tea

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Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends, today we have another book review for you. This time we are featuring How to Make Tea - The Science Behind the Leaf by Brian R Keating and Kim Long. This small green book explores the techniques and tools required to make the perfect cup of tea.

How to Make Tea - The Science Behind the Leaf

The book is broken down into six sections including The Tea Plant, Tea Chemistry, Tea & Taste, Buying & Storing Tea, The Basic Necessities and finally How to Make Tea. Among other things the reader will learn about tea growing regions, tea processing, steeping times and tea equipment.

Section six includes step by step instructions for brewing perfect cups of tea, including "what you will need" and a detailed method accompanied by illustrations. Tea includes Gongfu Cha, Matcha, Spiced Chai, iced tea and English tea. There is also a page dedicated to "tea times" in Great Britain, giving readers a description of when tea is drunk from elevenses to afternoon tea!

How to Make Tea - The Science Behind the Leaf

The book is written by Brian R Keating, a pioneer in tea research for over 30 years and Kim Long a writer, researcher and photographer.

The book is very detailed, full of practical information about brewing tea (including how much tea to use per cup versus how much tea in a teapot). There is also a useful guide to aroma descriptions which I will be studying before our next Friday Review! 

The text is punctuated every so often with illustrations.

The perfect read for anyone interested in learning more about their cup of tea.

We'd like to thank Ivy Press for sending us a copy of this book to review. Please note that all opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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