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Friday, 10 April 2015

The Friday Review....Good & Proper Tea

Hello there,

Happy Friday! Welcome back to another tea review!

A couple of weeks ago Lorna and I went to the Classic Car Boot Sale, which was hosted in London on the Southbank. It was a bitterly cold Saturday and I had decided that wearing my finest vintage attire was a good idea....as you can imagine I froze! As the feeling was slowly seeping out of my fingers I knew I needed one thing to warm me up....a good cup of tea!

Luckily I found this....

the Good & Proper Tea Company Citron H van

Yes, amongst the usual coffee vans and burger trucks, there stood this cute little tea van from the Good & Proper Tea Company. If like me you hadn't discovered the Good & Proper Tea Company before, I can tell you that they are on a mission to bring decent tea to the streets of London....and on that Saturday that's exactly what I needed!

After perusing the menu board (yes as well as tea they do crumpets!) and picking my brew I queued up in an orderly fashion with the other vintage lovers in need of a decent cuppa...

Tea & Crumpets!

Now, when I got to the front I was confronted by this wonderful sight....

Good & Proper Tea being freshly brewed

Yes, they are teapots, full of loose leaf tea, being left to brew for different amounts of time depending on your tipple of choice! No mass made cups of tea here, each cup is brewed properly....

Good & Proper Tea Company in action

Yes, before you ask....I told him that I was going to take his photo and splash it all over our afternoon tea blog....he seemed fine with this! Once orders were taken, you simply stood to one side and waited for the tea leaves to do their magic!

Once I finally got my hands on my cup of tea I was really pleased as you can tell from this photo....

Rachel looking much warmer!

Not only was I warmed instantly, I also really enjoyed my cup of freshly brewed tea! I went for the Jade Tips (green) tea which is a Mao Jian tea. The leaves produced a sweet green tea with a flowery aroma, which was bright, pale green-yellow in appearance.

It was a really refreshing blend, easy to drink (and much appreciated as I was so cold!).

The Good & Proper Tea Company is the brainwave of Emilie Holmes, who took her idea of serving loose leaf, custom blended teas from a 1974 Citroen H van to a crowd funding website. Her dream became reality when over 350 backers pledged funds to get the project started. 

Being a van, it obviously moves around - but you can see where The Good & Proper Tea Company are next by taking a peek at their website. You can also buy their loose leaf tea from the website, the Jade Tips blend I enjoyed retails at £6.00 for 50g.

Despite the cold, we had a brilliant time at the Classic Car Boot Sale....

Lorna caught increasing her
vintage wardrobe!

We can only dream.....

Thanks for popping by today,

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