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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Afternoon Tea News.....bake-a-boo Sensitive Teas

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Welcome back to another afternoon tea article from Tea With Me and Friends, as June is dietary requirement month on the blog we decided to take a look at the range of sensitive afternoons teas on offer at bake-a-boo in West Hampstead London.

As well as a traditional afternoon tea bake-a-boo offers three different sensitive tea options for people with dietary requirements, these include a gluten free tea, a second tea that is both Vegan and dairy and egg free and finally a sugar free tea.

Sensitive afternoon teas on offer at bake-a-boo

I am really quite impressed with the variety of sensitive teas on offer....
but what does each one include......

Gluten free  
Selection of gluten free finger sandwiches
Gluten free scones with jam & cream
Gluten free cupcakes
Gluten free apple and date cake slices
Dark chocolate dipped strawberries
All served on tiered cake stands with a refreshing pot of tea!

£19 per person (minimum two people)

Vegan / dairy and egg free
Selection of vegetarian filled dairy and egg free finger sandwiches
Dairy & egg free scones with jam & vegan cream
Dairy & egg free chocolate cupcake
Vegan muffin
Dark chocolate dipped strawberries
All served on tiered cake stands with a refreshing pot of tea! (soya milk is also available)

 £20 per person (minimum two people)

Sugar free 
Selection of finger sandwiches
Sugar free scones with diabetic sugar free jam & cream
Sugar free apple and date cake slice
Banana, coconut and sultana bites
Fruit salad
All served on tiered cake stands with a refreshing pot of tea!

£20 per person (minimum two people)

Sensitive afternoon tea - bake-a-boo

Bake-a-boo is the mastermind of owner Zoe, who is also the creator of this selection of teas and the other sweet treats and homemade bakes on offer at bake-a-boo. Zoe knows all too well how hard it is to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea when you have dietary requirements as she herself has been diary and gluten free for the last eleven years.

Pop back to the blog later this week when we meet Zoe in a "meet the pastry chef" article all about her and her afternoon tea creations at bake-a-boo. In the meantime have you ever tried any of the bake-a-boo sensitive teas - if so we'd love to hear from you.

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Renee said...

Sensitive Afternoon Tea, what a great idea and in my old stomping ground of West Hampstead - looks a real treat. If you ladies are ever in Eastbouren soaking up some sun - we would be happy to deliver a cream tea, featuring our secret spiced scones, moist cake fingers and lashings of clotted cream!