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Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Good Read!

Hello there! We hope you're well

A slightly different post from us today....as you know here at the Tea With Me and Friends blog we love everything to do with afternoon tea. We love making it, we love sharing, we love talking about it, we love reading about it and we definitely love eating it!

With this in mind when we were asked to take a peek at The Food Edition of Feted Magazine we were delighted to see the vast amount of content dedicated to the fabulous pastime that is afternoon tea (we think everyone should be educated in the ways of afternoon tea)! There are review articles and recipes galore that kept us entertained....all accompanied with fabulous photos that made us drool!

So what is Feted Magazine I hear you cry...well its an online magazine created by sisters Clare and Sarah in December 2012. Feted means to honour and celebrate and that's exactly what Clare and Sarah do...they take a different theme in each publication and feature articles from and about bloggers and start up businesses in the UK. You can read more about Feted Magazine here.

In the Food Edition readers can create a fab afternoon tea using recipes such as blackberry and elderflower tarts, jelly and custard shots or chocolate and strawberry meringue nests. Each recipe is easy to follow and has a photo with it....I love recipes with photos...it means that I have some idea what my latest kitchen creation should look like when I've finished!

There is also a wonderful review of afternoon tea at Blackbird Tearooms in Brighton. Plus you can catch up with fellow afternoon tea bloggers Kate and Chelsie as they talk about their blog and afternoon teas around the world!

If you fancy getting more creative there is a cute DIY article about decorating spoons (which I fancy having a go at!) or maybe you'd like to make your own face mask. There is also a host of other recipes for you to try, including a cheats banoffee pie which looks amazing!

Feted Magazine - The Food Edition is available for free on Issuu, and there is an extended edition with additional content available to buy and download as a PDF for 79p over at Etsy. If you're looking for something new to read that features a variety of different articles and gorgeous photos then this is definitely a good read!

Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna

Disclaimer - although we have been invited to review Feted Magazine, all the comments above are our own and we have not been influenced by the creators of the magazine in any way.

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