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Monday, 1 July 2013

Time for Tea - 140 Park Lane

Hello there!

This weekend Lorna and I had a lovely afternoon tea at 140 Park Lane in London. The tea itself was a prize for four people that I had won, and so two of my work friends accompanied us to this tea - Rebecca and Marissa.

The afternoon tea voucher
Tea is served in the bar area of 140 Park Lane, which is the bar and restaurant attached to the Park Lane Marriott Hotel. Its light and airy and located on the corner of the building, giving a lovely view out across Hyde Park from one side.
When we first arrived we were all treated to a glass of champagne, which is always a lovely thing especially on a warm sunny afternoon! We were also given the menu to select our teas....as well as the usual suspects there were also several fruity teas with wonderful names such as Granny's Garden (which was very sweet!). After we'd made our tea selections they were served to us in rather nice, plain white modern china - no chintz to be found here!
Once we were settled with our drinks, the main attraction was served.....
Now I have to say that we were all rather impressed by this tea....we found the usual sandwiches, scones and dainty cakes waiting for us...but as we delved into the napkins in the middle tier we found that we were also treated to a warm buttered crumpet!
The sandwiches were all fresh and tasty and included the usual egg mayo and salmon, but also a tasty combination of cucumber and mint (the first cucumber sandwich that I actually enjoyed!). All served on different types of bread.
The scones if I'm honest were rather large....in fact we only managed one scone each! Well, we needed to leave room for the cakes didn't we??
We did manage to sample every cake on the plate....some of us managed more than others! I'm pleased to report that everything was fresh and as tasty as it looks in the photo! Among the tasty treats was a rather lovely piece of lemon and poppy seed cake (probably my favourite), a cute mini banana cupcake topped with a piece of dried banana and that amazing mini fruit tart that you can spy at the front.
Although this particular tea was a prize, I happen to know that you would pay £23 for an English tea and if you fancied a glass of bubbles with that it would be £27.50. For what we consumed I think that is amazing value - we may not have been offered more as you often find in fancy hotels, but there was more than enough to eat anyway!
If you fancy a tasty mid-range tea you can't go wrong with 140 Park Lane!
Thanks for popping by today,
Rachel & Lorna
Square Meal

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anika said...

It is the egg sandwich loving girl here. Am loving the sound of this one. Yummy crumptets makes it a winner for me xxx