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Friday, 9 October 2015

The Friday Review....BRUU Tea

Hello there,

Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends...guess what...it's Friday and so we have another tea-riffic tea review for you!

We were really excited recently when this little box was delivered through our letter box by our postman...

BRUU - the gourmet tea club

Yes, BRUU is a tea club.....and they send you tea through the post....I love this idea and couldn't wait to try the tea....

BRUU tea - through your letterbox!

The idea behind this tea subscription is simple....you join, you call the shots and they send you a different set of teas each month. The tea selection is personalised, depending on your preferences and all the teas are high quality loose leaf blends. 

Let's start by looking at the tea which BRUU sent us from their huge selection....

BRUU Tea selection

In our box we had:
Lemon Meets Ginger
Famous White Dragon
If Terry's did Rooibos

In normal tea language....what we have here is a green tea, a white tea and a rooibos. Once brewed I have to say they made a pretty trio, with bright vibrant colours...

The first tea I decided to try was the Lemon Meets Ginger, which has a green tea as its base. I hadn't come across a green tea blended with lemon and ginger before, but imagined a bright, zingy tea perfect for the morning.

As soon as I opened the packet I was hit by the aroma of lemons, it actually made my mouth water! 

Lemon Meets Ginger - BRUU Tea

Each packet comes with brewing instructions so you can enjoy the perfect cuppa, including water temperature, amount of leaves and brewing time. So once I'd finished sniffing my tea I added the water....

This photo doesn't really do the tea justice...as the tea is really a beautiful, bright yellow once brewed. The aroma of lemons continues and the taste is zingy and bright. The lemon is probably the strongest flavour, with the ginger coming through as a warming hint at the end of each mouthful. The taste is clean and not at all synthetic - a great cup of tea to wake up to in the morning.

Next let's take a look at the Rooibos tea....If Terry's Did Rooibos....

If Terry's did Rooibos....BRUU tea

Now....as the name suggests....open the packet with your eyes shut (although I'm not entirely sure why you would do that) and your nostrils could be fooled into believing there is a certain chocolate and orange treat in front of you. The aroma is amazing...again...my mouth watered!

Once brewed the tea is a lovely warm orange colour, it looks like a very inviting cup of tea.

The flavour is more orange than chocolate, but it still reminded me of that chocolate treat I indulge in every Christmas (yes, I said the C word!). This is a warming cup of tea, perfect for the autumn evenings.

Finally I moved onto the White tea....now I love a good cup of white tea and so I was intrigued by the Famous White Dragon....

Famous White Dragon - BRUU tea

Although this blend has a white tea base, it is packed full of fruity flavour, including ......dragon fruit! When I opened the packet, the air was filled with sweet notes....I couldn't wait to try the tea....

A slightly lighter coloured tea when brewed, it also had a more delicate flavour too (to match the delicate white tea base). This tea is light and fruity and very refreshing - it reminded me of berries. This was definitely my favourite from the selection we were sent.

So...how do you get your hands on a BRUU tea subscription you might ask.....well its very simple actually, just visit the BRUU website and pick the package that you want. You can decide whether you want two, three or four teas each month and you can also say what kinds of teas you like to drink. You can then choose from monthly payments or one-off payments of 3, 6 or 12 months - making it a very flexible subscription. Subscriptions start from about £10 per month.....pop by the website for more information and to see some more of the teas that could be sent to you.

We'd like to thank BRUU for sending us these teas - we thoroughly enjoyed discovering more about their tea club! Please remember that although we have received these teas for free, this hasn't effected our taste buds at all and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Thank you for popping by today,


Sammy said...

Um... I may or may not have just signed up. I blame you. So does my credit card! :-P

Linda said...

I love tea, and you have a lovely blog.

Rachel - Tea With Me and Friends said...

@Sammy - whoops! Hee, hee! I hope you enjoy your subscription!

Rachel - Tea With Me and Friends said...

@Linda - tea-riffic to meet a fellow tea lover! We're so pleased you like the blog!

BRUU said...

Thank you so so much for this unexpected review. We're on a mission to introduce the UK to better tasting tea so you have officially made our day!